Noise IELTS Speaking Part 1

Noise IELTS Speaking Part 1
Noise IELTS Speaking Part 1

Noise IELTS Speaking Part 1

How is the noise level in your city?

ANSWER – I live in a developing city and a lot of construction is going gone hence the noise level is quite high these days. Sometimes, it gets extremely irritating but can’t do anything about that.

Where does noise in urban areas come from?

ANSWER – There are numerous areas, where the noise in cities come from For instance – Construction sites, road traffic, industrial machines and usage of load music in social functions.

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Do you think it is important to be alone sometimes?

ANSWER – Absolutely, It is imperative to be alone sometimes because it gives an opportunity to introspect and become a better version of our self. Moreover, spending time by yourself is very peaceful and helps us to think clearly.

What natural sounds do you like the most and why?

ANSWER – Being an early bird, I like chirping of birds. It’s so soothing and immensely peaceful as well. Apart from this, I love leaves rustling in the winding and cooing of babies and rainfall.

What problems could you have if you go out together in a big group?

ANSWER – There is no doubt that, The more you are, the more you are likely to face problems. Going out in a big group leads to conflicts because it becomes extremely hard to be on the same page because of different perspective. This is why i prefer to go in a tiny group.

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