Names IELTS Speaking Part 1

Names IELTS Speaking Part 1

Names IELTS Speaking Part 1

Question 1. Does your name have any special meaning?

ANSWER – Surely everyone’s name has a wonderful meaning and i am not exception. My name is Ranjeet which means victorious

Question 2. How would you choose names for your next generation3

ANSWER – Well future is unpredictable so it’s hard for me to tell how the names for my babies will be selected by me. But having said that may be, I will pick names from holy book like our ancestors or i will take help of internet.

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Question 3. Are there any differences between how Indians name their children now and in the past?

ANSWER – Undoubtedly there is a huge difference. In previous times, masses used to grandly follow rituals, masses used to grandly follow rituals and traditions, however currently, mostly names are kept with the assistance of internet. Moreover in earlier times people would choose names from the pool of existing names but nowadays they invent new ones for their kids.

Question 4. Does anyone in your family have the same name as you?

ANSWER – No, there is no one in my family who is my namesake as i reckon that my parents gave e a pretty unique name. What’s more we Indians don’t have similar names as our family members because it would be quite awkward as well as a confusing situation when one will be called with the same name as another one in the family.

Question 5. Are there any names that are more popuar than others in India?

ANSWER – India is renowned for its diversity. It has plenty of regions and religions. Therefore plethora of names are extremely popular in India. For insatnce in Punjab, Ranjeet, Gurpreet, Aman, Raman, Manpreet, Rahul and Priyanka are the ones which are more common than others.

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