Scenery IELTS Speaking Part 1

Scenery IELTS Speaking Part 1

Scenery IELTS Speaking Part 1

Q1. Is there good scenery in your hometown, or does your hometown has a lot of scenic views?

ANSWER – Well although I live in a middle-sized town with advanced facilities. But fortunately yes it is surrounded by magnificent landscapes as well as lush- green fields, which provide spectacular views to the people. Moreover there is a park in my hometown where you can relish a natural scenic view..

Q2. When you travel, do you like to live in hotels with good scenic views?

ANSWER – Without a doubt as each and every person longs for this opportunity. So I am not exception. But unfortunately it costs an arm and a leg. Nevertheless staying in a hotel with wonderful views is an excellent way to relax and to get an enjoyable experience.

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Q3. Do you like taking pictures of good scenic views with your smartphone? why?

ANSWER – Definitely yes, I love capturing catchy and breathtaking moments in my mobile phone but unlike others who tend to take countless pictures. I prefer to take photos of stunning landscape, picturesque sights as well as of other natural beauty. As it fosters our creativity.

Q4. Is there good scenery in cities?

ANSWER – Well, in this contemporary era, greenery is disappearing in metropolises as cities are expanded and deforestation is proliferating, which put devastating impact on scenic beauty. But yes, art of architectures can be seen in cities.

Q5. Do you enjoy visiting places with beautiful views?

ANSWER – Generally cities are more likely to have high-rise-flats as well as other constructive buildings. And therefore we hardly notice any beautiful scenic view over there. However in some large cities some tourist attractions and public parks offer splendid scenery which fascinates the people greatly.

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