Describe a Time When Someone Asked for your Opinion IELTS cue card

Describe a Time When Someone Asked for your Opinion IELTS cue card

Describe a Time When Someone Asked for your Opinion IELTS cue card


Describe a Time When Someone Asked for your Opinion

You should say:

Who asked for your opinion?

Why he/she wanted to know your opinion?

What opinion you gave?

And explain how you felt when he/she asked for your opinion.

Sample Answer

Well, in my nation, people give opinion to each other even when no body is asking. I am also a kind of person who likes to motivate others and motivation is the greatest weapon to change someone’s life.

Here I am going to talk about a time when I gave my opinion to one of my friends. Actually, my friend Aman who was very disappointed for her study. I vividly remember when I was in 12th standard, she met with an accident. Due to her leg fractured, she had to take rest for 2 months. Her exams were also near.

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She got worried about her exams because her syllabus was not completed. At that time, she told the whole situation to me and asked about my opinion like what she had to do next. Because she knew that I always give the right viewpoint to her. I listened carefully and took sometime to think about that situation.

After a few moments, I inspired her to study day and night otherwise her whole year could be wasted. She agreed upon my words and decided to do work on my suggestion. Even she covered her whole syllabus. When her result came, she was extremely happy because she got unexpected grades and she thanked me. Moreover, I also felt very glad after giving my opinion to her because I saved her precious year. So, this was the time when I gave my opinion to Aman.

Describe a Time When Someone Asked for your Opinion IELTS cue card

Follow up

1. Why do some people dislike giving their opinions?

ANSWER – Well, in this era, no one wants to take any suggestion from anyone because people don’t want to bear any kind of of interference in their life. So, this is the reason, individuals don’t like to give their perspective to someone because no one wants to feel embarrassed if the next person refuse to agree with him/her or counter their opinion.

2. Are any apps designed to collect opinions about products or services?

ANSWER – To be honest, I don’t know about such kind of applications. But yes, online shopping sites are quite eminent in this epoch. So, if someone wants to purchase anything online, he/she can read the reviews of other buyers for best selection of any product.

time someone asked opinion

3. Why do people nowadays like to express their opinions on the Internet?

ANSWER – According to my perspective, there are numerous reasons. The first and the foremost is, to aware other individuals regarding any product or service, where they are giving their opinion. Secondly, in this materialistic era, no one wants to get advice from anyone because of egoistic nature. But on internet, everyone is free to express their feeling viewpoints without any kind of hesitation or fear.

4. What are the disadvantages of sharing opinions on the Internet?

ANSWER – There is no doubt, every coin has two sides. As sharing opinion on internet is fruitful at some extent, but there are few cons also. If people are giving bad opinion about someone’s hard work, then surely, it will discourage someone. To epitome, on Youtube, there are ample channels, where erudition is available in abundance but few haters give bad comments in the comment box which is not a good deed.

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