Describe your favorite stadium

You Should Say:

Where it is

When and who did you go with

How you know about it

Explain how you feel about it

Sample Answer

Stadiums bring people together and allows them to show their patriotism. There are numerous stadiums across the World, and every stadium has it’s own history and importance.  There are various stadiums that I love for instance Melbourne Cricket ground, lords and scg. However, here I would like to talk about a stadium which I like the most. The name of stadium is Wankhede stadium. It is an international cricket stadium in Mumbai.
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It is a mammoth stadium and well maintained by the association. This stadium has given countless unforgettable memories to cricket fans. The stadium has been host to numerous high-profile cricket matches in the past. This stadium played host to the last match of Sachin Tendulkar’s international career. I first came to know about this stunningly beautiful stadium when I was 10 years old. Actuality, I was watching the live telecast of a cricket match on ESPN, which was played between India and Australia. The scenes of that match are still imprinted in mind and since then I have been a fan of this place

There are number of reasons why I like this stadium the most, to kick off, It has good capacity of 33,000. Besides this, Wankhede has 7 different stands and most of them are after the names of Mumbai cricketers.  I visited this stadium with my family in 2011 and I consider myself lucky that I got to see the 2011 cricket world final which was won by India. The stadium was jam packed, the ambience was electrifying and the crowd was buzzing loud. We cheered for our team.

More, likely, I got the Indian Jersey from Yuvraj singh which was signed by every single Indian cricketer. Because of all these sweet memories, this stadium holds a special place in my heart and looking forward to visit this Stadium again in the future.

Describe your favorite stadium


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