Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something

You should say:

When it happened?
What you waited for?
Why you made the decision?
And explain how you felt while waiting?

Sample Answer 1

Waiting for something is not cup of tea for everyone. Even also for me. I am always curious to get something new and soon but today in front of you. I would describe one moment when I made decision to wait for something. 3 years ago, when i completed matriculation with 95% marks. I told to my parents that give me a something special for this great achievement.

They told me that after passing secondary education we will definitely give. Actually, I wanted to get new Iphone but my parents were not agreed with me. They advised me that now i should wait also just focus on studies rather then becoming addicted of using phone. so I have to wait in any condition.

For alternative sample answer please watch this video – decision to wait something

After thinking deeply, I took decision that i would wait. Firstly, I should feel proud to my parents. After achieving success, I will get new cell phone. Time is too precious for me in these days. So, I should not waste on it. That’s why, I took this decision that i will wait. No doubt, I feel blue but after listening the thoughts of my parents. I was feeling that i am in the seventh heaven. That they are not saving my time but also making my life success. So, I felt good while waiting for new smart phone.

In the end, so that was the time when i waited for something.

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card

Sample Answer 2

Well, there are many situations come in our life when we have to wait for some things. Here I would like to talk about a time when I decided for taking speaking classes at one of the best coaching centers which is located in the heart of my city.

Unfortunately, I had to wait for it because of the covid pandemic situation. Actually, after my XII standard, I wanted to learn and grab something new and productive. So I decided to take coaching from the ” English hub” for speaking skills. However, the covid situation was at its peak level.

The number of covid cases was increasing at that time. Nobody could go outside as it was a restriction. Moreover, all coaching institutions were closed. I made my decision to wait for the normal situation so that I could join classes. Even at that time, the second wave of the corona was also starting. So, staying indoors during such a challenging time was a careful task for every person. Because the probability of catching the virus was high by staying outdoors.

I felt really bad because I had to wait. The wait was not easy because staying indoors for a long period harms your physical and mental health. But the covid wave was at its peak level so my family and I remained safe by staying at home. So, this was the time when I had to wait for my decision.

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card

Sample Answer 3

This is a recent experience of my life. I have desperately and patiently waited for the covid virus cases to go down so that I can start living my normal life without fear. My country has seen three waves in the pandemic and one was really deadly. After a year or so I observed that people became causal and had stopped wearing masks and had started going out in public places without precautions.

This brought many peaks in the cases. I decided to wait for the cases to come down to go for a movie, vacation, eating out with friends, celebrating festivals, birthdays and potluck parties. There is a reason why I decided to wait. Covid is that kind of a viral fever in which you don’t suffer alone. Someone else may suffer because of you and can also die. I cannot put my own life and others’ lives at risk. This was the major reason that I waited.

Another reason of my waiting was to obey the pandemic law. By staying at home and not adding to the crowd I was contributing to lessen the cases. I am not a scientist and so I cannot make a vaccine. But at least I can help in controlling the pandemic. I experienced a range of emotions while waiting. Initially it was scary and later on it was boring and frustrating.

I had to train myself to be calm and patient. Instead of getting upset I started doing things differently to keep myself happy and healthy. I cooked my favorite dishes at home, watched movies on my phone and made video calls to friends. In the end I emerged as a strong person. The wait was worth. Things have reasonably normalized now. I have started doing things now with lots of precautions.

Describe a Time You Made a Decision to Wait for Something IELTS Cue Card

Follow ups

1. What do people in your country often do while waiting?

Answer – People do a lot of things when they are waiting. It depends on the situation. The first thing is they like to talk with each other and they make conversations related to ongoing topic. Secondly, They make important phone calls also check the social media apart from this read various book, start to play with children when they are waiting.

2. Why do some people like a slow-paced life?

Answer – Some people are really attached to their cultures and they do not want leave it. so they do not match with the global standards and they want to stay rooted with their own local culture so they preference slow paced life.

3. Is being patient good for people? Why?

Answer – Being patient is absolutely good for people in this world of modern technology. The first thing people are losing is there mental health and their becoming more impatient to get so many things. If a person can be patient for sometime they can definitely benefit in so many ways.

4. Are people less patient now than people in the past? Why?

Answer – In the past people were really so much patient because they did not have so many options to do but today with increasing technology and connectivity people are connected all over the globe. As a result, they are less patient because in this modern era they want to get things as soon as possible.

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