Perfume speaking part 1 questions answers

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Perfume speaking part 1 questions answers

Perfume speaking part 1 questions answers

Q1. Do you use perfumes?

ANSWER – Obviously, I use perfume on daily basis. Even, this is on the predominant thing that i use, whenever i dress up to go somewhere. Because i deem that a mild fragrance gives the positivity and happiness.

Q2. What kind of perfumes do you like?

ANSWER – Mostly, I admire those perfumes which has mild fragrance. Such as chocolate based scents/perfumes.

Q3. Do you usually wear perfume? Why? Why not?

ANSWER – There is no ant particular meaning of perfume for me. I just use it as a regular basic commodity. I just love to use distinct types of scents.

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Q4. Do you give perfume as a gift?

Yes, many times, I give perfume to my buddies. As my comrades are also fond of perfumes like me. Also, scents are the best gift for loved ones at it is pocket friendly.

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