Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card

Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card

Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card


Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed

You Should Say:

What was taught in the class?
When did you take the class?
Where it was?
What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it?

Sample Answer 1


Well, in this contemporary epoch English is not solely the mandatory subject in every alma mater but also has become the crucial part of every individual’s personality. Here, I would like to shed some light on an English class that i enjoyed a lot.

Actually, I’m an innovative person and have curiosity to learn something new in my life. That’s why, I always try to kill my time by learning new vocabulary words in order to enhance my education.

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I vividly reminisce, When I was in my elementary school, at that time, our English mentor arranged a special class of English literature. As i have keen interest in English language since childhood, I was agog to attend that class. All the students gathered in the auditorium. In that class, the lecture was about the cinderella’s story. The most fascinating thing was that there were six aspirants on the stage who represented the distinct character of the story.

As there was a character of cinderella who was the Princess and main character of the story, step mother & two step sisters of her, a character of Prince and a fairy Godmother. Finally, the class was started and there was a pindrop silence in the hall. Then our mentor told us that cinderella is the important chapter of your syllabus so listen it carefully.

Honestly speaking, those characters represented the whole story in an exquisite way as how a princess is tortured by her step mother and step sisters. They represented that how she came out of the cruel world and got marry to a charming Prince with the aid of her God mother. After finishing the class, all students were talking about the special class.

Moreover, I learnt a lesson that beauty is a treasure but graciousness is priceless. In a nutshell, this was the English class that i enjoyed and it is an electrifying experience for me ever.

Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card

Sample Answer 2


Well, learning different types of lessons plays an important (part and parcel) role in our life whether it is related to study or life. English is not my mother language and I learned about it in my childhood. But here I am going to talk about an interesting English lecture that I enjoyed the most.

Actually during the period of lockdown, I was almost at my home and wanted to learn something new. I also had a lot of time period so, I wanted to do something productive. Then, I decided to improve my English speaking skills.

In the covid pandemic, I couldn’t go outside. During that period, I was surfing the internet and came to know about one of the best channels on YouTube. So, I took online coaching from them. Initially, I thought it was boring because of online system but the teacher explained each and everything in a very well mannered.

So, slowly I developed my interest. I never felt like I was attending lecture rather than enjoying a fun conversation. Now I can say that my English speaking skills has improved because of the online classes. I feel extremely glad because now I can talk with many people in English with full confidence. So this was the English lesson that I enjoyed.

Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed IELTS Cue Card


1. What are the benefits of learning a foreign language? 

Without any second thought, there are myriad pros of learning a foreign language. The most predominant one is the vast job opportunities in multinational companies. Secondly, one can pursue his study overseas and also can enhance his personality in front of others.

2. What are the benefits of being a foreign language teacher?

Well, there are numerous benefits of being a foreign language mentor as he/she can improve his/her teaching skill as well as enhances his/her knowledge regarding that foreign language because it is undeniable that one can learn more while teaching instead of studying. Moreover, those mentors can earn handsome remuneration and get opportunity to go abroad for job purposes.

3. Will computers replace foreign language teachers in the future?

Apparently no, it is out of question that computers would replace foreign language mentors completely. No doubt, technology is proliferating day to day and there are ample ways to learn foreign language online. But still, teachers have their own importance. Without teachers, no one can get indepth knowledge regarding any subject or language.

4. Is grammar the most difficult part of learning a foreign language?

I don’t think so because if a person has dedication to learn a foreign language, he can learn all the grammar rules within a fiffy. However, on thing that i would like to recommended to learners that practice is the crucial part to learn a new language because with practice, one can clear his pronunciation and able to talk with native speakers.

5. Do you think grammar is important in language learning? 

Ofcourse. Even, it is the crucial part of language learning because without grammar, no one can make a single sentence and having little knowledge about grammar can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

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