Describe a thing you cannot live without IELTS Cue Card

Describe a thing you cannot live without IELTS Cue Card

Describe a thing you cannot live without IELTS Cue Card


Describe a thing you cannot live without

You should say :

What it is?

How long have you had it for?

Why you cannot live without it?

Explain how you felt when you were without it?

Sample Answer 1 – ( thing you cannot live )

Well, to be honest in this day and age i am reliant on number of objects to, and that is my pair of wireless earphones. Actually, wireless earphones are bluetooth enabled devices that cannot to other electronic devices, such as smartphone, speaker, television, computer or gaining console, without using a wire or a cable. ( thing you cannot live )

Earlier i was processing wired earphones; however, due to problems, such as wire entanglement or breakage of wire, i purchased wireless earbuds approximately 2 years ago. The reason why these are indispensable part of my life can be manifold.

On the top is that it has made my numerous daily activities hassle free. For instance, i am habituated to listen to music while exercising, and my water and sweat resistant earbuds enable me to hear my favourite workout music without the inconvenience of adjusting wires. Moreover, i can answer my calls without the need to pick up my phone and place it on my ear.

Even if my cell phone is in another room, i will still be able to answer calls due to its bluetooth technology. so, these cordless earphones eliminite the need of being tethered to a device while doing my other works. Since, besides cell phones, these can also be paired with other devices, such as television or laptop, i can binge watch my favourite web series without bothering other people at home or in room.

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I still remember the disruption i faced when i forgot to take my wireless earbuds on an excursion of 2 days with my family. As i am so used to earphones, i borrowed my father’s wired earphones for temporary use. But, i was in constant trouble of unwinding the complicated knots formed by the wires. At many instances i missed answering my important calls.

Not only this, i was unable to listen to my hand picked songs while driving, which made me bored to death. Overall, I would say that my cordfree earphones are imperative for maintaining smooth conduct of my daily routine.

Sample Answer 2 ( thing you cannot live )

Well, there are plethora of things which are really necessary for my daily routine, however today i would like to talk about such an important thing which has made my life enjoyable and i can’t live without it. It is none other than Television. Honestly speaking, Watching TV is one of the best ways to utilize leisure time.

Describe a thing you cannot live without IELTS Cue Card
Describe a thing you cannot live without IELTS Cue Card

Whenever i get bored, I prefer to watch television. Moreover, I can’t make my life enjoyable and it is really hard has this electronic gadget since early days. These days, I watch various web series, reality shows on TV. It is not only a source of spreading free time, but also it works as a stress buster for me.

Apart from this, my family members and i watch tv together while having dinner. I am really addicted of this beautiful invention of science. However, I spent those days very hard, once i was without television for few days. All that happened due to technical fault in television.

All in all, I can say this is the thing which is really an essential part of my life and i cannot live without it.

( Thing you cannot live )


Thing you cannot live

1. Why are children attracted to new things ( such as electronic )

Well, t think, this is a natural phenomena. As off springs have curious nature. When they see anything new, then they have the curiosity to learn all the ropes that how it works or operates.

2. Why do some grown-ups hate to throw out old things? ( such as clothes )

Without any doubt, the predominant reasons behind this, is their personal connection. As, few masses are emotionally attached with these kind of things. These attires bring back their nostalgic memories with this, they feel inner gratification. Besides this, few individuals are pack rats. They love to collect all the things which actually they don’t need.

3. Is the way people buy things affected? How?

Offcourse Yes, Because now individuals shop more as compare to yester years. They prefer the online mode of shopping which is less time consuming. Apart from this masses purchase unnecessary things which actually they don’t need. This was not happened in past time.

4. What do you think influences people to buy new things.

According to my perspective, adverts have long lasting impact on individuals. Because, adverts are broadcasted on all social sites or T.V, which are given by renowned personalities, who have huge fan following. In order to emulate their ideals, individuals purchase new things. Inspite of this, in this era, everyone wants to become the center of attractions. So, they purchase new things either to flaunt their status or grab the attention of their near & dear ones.

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