Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved IELTS cue card

Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved IELTS cue card
Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved IELTS cue card

Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved IELTS cue card


Describe an ambition that you haven’t achievedDescribe an ambition that

You should say:
What it is?
Why you haven’t achieved it?
What you did?
And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer

Well having ambition in life means having a meaningful life. When we accomplish any ambition it gives us a sense of fulfillment and profound happiness, whether it is long-term or short-term one. I set different goals in life from time to time and i became successful in achieving most of them. ( Describe an ambition that )

Here i would prefer to talk about one of the aims/goals that i couldn’t turn into reality so far. That is opening a gym in my hometown. Actually there is no any gym in my hometown and being a health conscious or taking the health of all residents into consideration i set this objective. I haven’t accomplished it yet, owing to some reasons.

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Firstly, Opening a gym requires a huge amount of money which i am lacking and without sufficient money it’s a daunting task to achieve such goals. Secondly, other things like, ample time or full dedication i need to put into it. But i have been having a hectic schedule so i couldn’t entirely focus on this aim in order to fulfill it.

To transfer what i am dreaming about into reality i have talked to one of my relatives who is owning a gym from him. Moreover, i need some area to construct this fitness center for which my uncle who is my father’s bosom friend is ready to help me, he said me to use his vacant land for this wonderful work. But unfortunately my desire is still pending to be achieved due to some aforementioned reasons.

As far as my feelings are concerned, Earlier i felt that i will not be able to achieve my ambition but it’s said that nothing is impossible, However, now i am completely sure that my ambition will get fulfilled very soon if i wholeheartedly put efforts into it.

Follow up

1. What ambitions do children usually have?

ANSWER – Children have so many ambitions which they want to fulfil. some wants to be doctor or others want to become pilot, teachers and many more. The main ambition of every chil0d is to become a famous and successful person.

2. Why are some people very ambitious in their work?

ANSWER – They are ambitious and the reason is they want to achieve good heights in life and wants to an eminent personality. To accomplish their goals the work relentlessly hard and they believe that ambitions help them to give their best shot.

3. Why don’t some people have dreams?

ANSWER – I think every person has their own dream but some have capability to fulfil it or some have no because they are couch potatoes.

4. How do people balance work and life?

ANSWER – It is depend upon their time table. some masses finish their work before early night whereas some not. Furthermore, number of individuals balance their work and life while doing job. so every person know how he/she can mange their things.

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