Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy IELTS Cue Card

Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy IELTS Cue Card

Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy IELTS Cue Card


Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy

You should say:

What it was?
Who did this?
How you found out about it and what you did do?
And explain why it surprised you and made you happy.

Sample Answer 1

Well surprises are a part and parcel of every individual’s life. They add spice to life. Talking about myself, from my salad days to this present time i have received numerous surprises and honestly every surprise made me feel overwhelmingly happy.

Here i am interested to talk about a fabulous surprise that was given to me by bosom friend, namely Khushpreet and really made me feel on the top of the world. We are born and brought up in the same locality. After completing secondary education he went abroad for getting further education. And thus we lost touch.

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But last year on the occasion of diwali Khushpreet decided to visit his house in India and also he thought to surprise me. On that day in the morning i was giving my mom a hand with household chores. Suddenly someone knocked at the door.

When opened the door, Much to my surprise ad elation, that was my childhood friend Khushpreet. He wished me happy diwali and hugged me tightly. For a few seconds i couldn’t speak anything as seeing him at the door of my house left me totally flabbergasted.

Then i also wished him and warmly him. Afterwards my mom prepared some mouth watering dishes for him. After having food he opened it, again i couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a gorgeous dress for which i had been longing for a along period of time. Immediately i tried it on, honestly i was looking heavenly beautiful after wearing it. Afterwards i thanked my friend hugely. I requested him to celebrate diwali with me and my family at my abode. He accepted my request, we really had a whale of time with each other.

Moreover during the celebration i clicked countless pictures, still i have those photos in y smartphone and whenever i see these the unforgettable moments of my life which i spent with my closest friend. So this was the surprise i received from my friend that gave me boundless happiness.

Describe Something that Surprised you and Made you Happy IELTS Cue Card

Follow up

1. What are some things that make you feel happy?

ANSWER – Speaking candidly, in order to feel happy. I don’t need huge things to be happened. Actually trivial things also, give me immense pleasure. Playing with kids and my pet, watching funny videos, helping my mom in kitchen, talking to my loved ones, dancing etc make me feel absolutely delighted.

2. How would you define happiness?

ANSWER – Happiness is an emotion that is stimulated by one’s thoughts which one creates in mind when something good happens in one’s life.

3. Do you think artistic activities can make people happy?

ANSWER – Undoubtedly artistic actions are a highly powerful way to feel elated for people of all ages. Because when we are engrossed in any artistic activities such as, painting, drawing, dance, writing, photography, it provides a distraction from stressful thoughts or experience. And thus we get rid of anxiety or tension and feel happy.

4. Do you think people who have more talent are happier than others?

ANSWER – Definitely not, because happened is a state of mind, it has nothing to do with talent. A gifted person can create negative thoughts in mind when things are not in favor of him or her and resultantly can become sorrowful. But on the other hand, a less talented person can always feel himself on cloud nine by creating positive thoughts. so, i can say, happiness has no any connection with talent/brilliance.

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