Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully IELTS cue card


Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully

You should say:

What the event was?
How you prepared for it?
Who helped you to organize it?
And explain why you think it was a successful event?

Sample Answer

Well, I have attended multiple celebrations so far, but i would like to talk about one cheerful event that i arranged proficiently. It was the fund-raising event for orphanage of mentally retarted children, who were left vulnerable by their parents.

Actually, in my tertiary education, I visited there for the first time as a part of my college youth camp. Although children there were physically or mentally handicapped, yet they were exceptionally skilled in different genres, like dancing, singing, acting and art and craft.

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Experience this, I thought of an idea to raise financial resources for upgrading facilities at orphanage that will further nurture innovative skills of those kids. For this, I put forward the proposal in front of my collage principal to demonstrate eccentric expertise of those children in the college.

And further to collect voluntary donation from college students. To which, she suddenly granted her permission. To apprise everyone of this function. I pasted notice regarding the same on board. Besides, I conveyed the message through my various whatsapp groups.

Fortunately, my many friends and teachers joined hands with me in making this gathering possible. In fact, my friends and i regularly paid visit to orphanage to arrange activities to be performed by those special children at the function. Moreover, my college team members affixed banners throughout the city since outsiders were allowed to garner financial contribution at massive scale. On the event day, after watching inspiring mime dance performed by orphan children, everyone in the auditorium was flabbergasted. The audience was gladdened on the fact that despite possessing shortcoming in their bodies.

Those children were much more gratified with their strengths. Consequently, not only college students but outside people also selflessly donated money for their betterment. Even the artful things, like cards, pots, decorative pieces, created by those ingenious children, were all sold out, even at exorbitant prices. The honourable chief guest also donated 10 lakhs to the orphanage. At last, all our efforts came to fruition as we were able to generate hefty amount of money from this noble event and the feeling i received seeing the smiling faces of innocent kids could not be explained in words.

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully IELTS cue card

Follow up

1. How can parents help children to be organized?

ANSWER – There are various techniques by which parents can play an important role in instilling a sense of organization into their kids, first and foremost, they themselves need to be organized people in order to set an example in front of their kids, And children will definitely imitate them. Secondly they should encourage their children to do their habitually activities on time or make a timetable. Last but not least guardians must appreciate their wards if they have done something on time so that they can stay motivated to do the same.

2. On what occasions do people need to be organized?

ANSWER – Becoming an organized person is fruitful in different ways. But chaotic life causes stress, anxiety or many more problems. I reckon, one should live organized life all the time. It will help them not only save a huge amount of time or energy but also bring happiness, peace in their life.

3. Does everything need to be well prepared?

ANSWER – I believe things which are of utmost importance or it takes ample time to complete them, must be planned well in advance as it ensures our success in their future. Trivial things, on the hand, don’t need to be pre-planned. Because preparing everything very well can be exhausting or time consuming.

4. Do people need others’ help when organizing things?

ANSWER – Other people can assist us a lot when organizing something. But others’ assistance is necessary or crucial when the task is bigger, we are involved in multitasking or we are running out of time. However for organizing smaller things i don’t think, we need others’ help because we can manage easily what’s more if we manage on our own it we learn management skills.

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