Mathematics IELTS Speaking part 1

Mathematics IELTS Speaking part 1

Mathematics IELTS Speaking part 1

IELTS Speaking part 

Q1. When did you start learning math?

ANSWER – Well, I can say i started learning mathematics in the nursery class. Because this is the mandatory subject of academics.

Q2. Do you like math?

ANSWER = Of course, I love mathematics. Since my elementary education, this is my favourite subject.

Q3. Who taught you math?

ANSWER – As, my grandmother told me, during infancy initially my mother taught me maths. After that, I got coaching from ample mentors throughout my school.

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Q4. Who is your favourite teacher so far?

ANSWER – My favourite mentor of mathematic is Mr.Anil, who taught me math from 7th standard to 10th standard.

Q5. Is math complicated for you to learn?

ANSWER – Honestly speaking, in primary school, it was an arduous subject for me, however because of my educator, it became a cup of tea for me.

Q6. Do you like to use a calculator?

ANSWER – Yes, sometimes when i have to calculate something in a hurry, then i generally prefer to use calculator because it saves my time. Even, this is the convenient way for calculation.

Q7. Do students learn math in secondary schools in India?

ANSWER – Yes, they learn, because in my nation, mathematics is a viatl subject in secondary schools.

Q8. Do you think math is difficult?

ANSWER – Well, it vary from person to person. But according to my perspective, maths is an interesting subject because there is no any need of cramming. One can learn formulas to solve umpteen sums/problems.

Q9. What can people do with math in their daily life?

ANSWER – It is irrefutable that math plays a significant role in each and every person’s life. I can say, a person’s day starts with mathematic as he/she watches time for getting up in the morning or going to his/her workplace. Masses use math for calculation, for mobile numbers, for driving in order to measure kilometers. So, i can say basic maths is everywhere.

Q10. Do you learn math now? why or why not?

ANSWER – Well, now i am not learning maths because recently i have completed my senior secondary education. So, for a while, I am free.

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