Recycling IELTS Speaking Part 1

Recycling IELTS Speaking Part 1

Recycling IELTS Speaking Part 1

Question 1:- Do you recycle? Why/why not?

ANSWER – “In a word yes”. I have been recycling since my childhood. Personally speaking, it’s tremendously important that everyone does recycling. I tend to crush cans as well as plastic bottles. I have been taught by my parents to recycle i guess when i was studying in 10th grade.

Question 2:- Did you recycle when you were a kid?

ANSWER – “To be brutally honest, I couldn’t stand recycling when i was at school, because i was a free spirit that being said had to do it. The main reason was our school principal was quite fussy and he was a man of his words, therefore we all had to get into recycling during school time.

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Question 3:- Will you recycle in the future?

ANSWER – “Oh absolutely yes, I’m pretty sure that i will be recycling this is probably because that’s the best way to keep our environment safe and i have decided not stop it anyway. I’m quite thankful to my parents as well as teachers who taught me this. I personally believe we all should recycle.

Question 4:- What kind of things do you recycle?

ANSWER – “On the whole, I crush metal cans, i also crush plastic bottles and i do cut the bottom third of 2-liter bottle than paint them with favorite colours such as blue, pink, and suchlike. Finally i can fill the bottle with seeds and soil. I wish i could be more creative.

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