Public Transportation IELTS Speaking Part 1

 Public Transportation IELTS Speaking Part 1

 Public Transportation IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. What kind of public transportation do you usually take?

ANSWER – Well, I use a variety of public transportations from time to time as per my requirement. But i generally take bus to go from one place to another place as it provides faster and efficient service. The bus station is within the walking distance of my house.

2. When do you usually take public transportation, in your everyday life or when are you travelling?

ANSWER – Well, it depends on how much distance i am going to cover. For instance, for short-haul destinations i like to use my own vehicles, however for long-haul destinations i go for bus or train. Moreover in emergency situations i always give priority to use private transportation.

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3. Do most people prefer public transportation in your country?

ANSWER – Undoubtedly yes, majority of the population in my nation gives preference to use public modes of transportation as they are affordable and also using them is the safest and quickest way to reach one’s destination. But having said that there are some masses in my country who like to use their private vehicles. the reason is that private transport provides flexibility in choosing routes and travel time. Apart from this, this is one of the ways by which people can maintain their status.

4. Did you take public transportation when you were a kid?

ANSWER – I precisely remember, i didn’t use any public transportations for going to school was just a stone’s throw away from my house. But yes, i used to visit my relatives and other different places of interest with my family members by bus, taxi or train.

5. Will there be more people taking public transportation in the future?

ANSWER – Well, it’s hard for me to answer this question since future is unpredictable. But i can say that if folks become more conscious about environment as well as public transportation is improved and upgraded, then surely more and more people will use mass transit as compared to their own vehicle.

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