Car trip IELTS Speaking Part 1

Car trip IELTS Speaking Part 1
Car trip IELTS Speaking Part 1

Car trip IELTS Speaking Part 1

Q1. Do you like to travel by car?

ANSWER – Yes, I love to travel by car because i am a car enthusiast. So, I generally prefer to go for a long drive with my kiths and kins by car.

Q2. When do you travel by car? 

ANSWER – To be honest, whenever i have to g at a place, which is in the middle of nowhere, then i prefer to travel by my car because travelling by private vehicle is quite convenient, comfortable and secure.

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Q3. Where is the farthest place you have travelled by car? 

ANSWER – Well, I don’t reminisce precisely because i have visited ample places which are far from my place. But last you, I visited Haryana state by car, at the wedding of my cousin. This is the neighbour state of my state Punjab and about 350 km away from my town.

Q4. Do you like to sit in the back or front when travelling by car?

ANSWER – Honestly speaking, I always sit either in the passenger seat or driving seat because i feel suffocated while sitting in the back. So, it is an uphill task for me. That’s why, I prefer first row.



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