Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with

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Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with Cue Card IELTS


Describe a plant vegetable or crop that you are familiar with


Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important.

You should say:

What it is and where it grows?
How you became familiar with it?
What you like or dislike about it?
And explain why this is important for your country.

Sample Answer

It is undeniable that crops are the vital source to boost up the economy of a nation. Here, I would like to shed some light on a crop with which i am quick familiar. Actually, this is a sugarcane farming.

As, I belong to Punjab state of India. So, it is one of the renowned crop of my nation. I vividly reminisce, When i was in my early 20’s. I saw the cultivation & harvesting of sugarcane for the first time. At that time, I was amazed that how sugarcane grows in a soil’?

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Within few years, I was able to cultivate that crop by myself, because my grandfather and my father are farmers. So, I know all the ropes of this crop that how to cultivate this crop in a better way. Apart from this, This is cultivated in first three months of the year and it takes 12 months to grow properly.

It is irrefutable that if someone is interested in this farming he must have to pull up the shocks. Besides this, This crop is grown in fertile soil. The fascinating thing is that India is on second number for the sugarcane farming. Moreover, sugarcane is the predominant source of sugar and sugar industries re a source of livelihood for more than 50 million farmers as well as their families. Sugarcane’s juice is consumed as a beverage by most of the individuals.

To cap it all, this is the crop with which I’m familiar and I deem that it enhances the economy of a nation.

Describe a plant, vegetable or crop that you are familiar with Cue Card IELTS

Follow ups

Q1. Do people in your country like to grow plants at home?

ANSWER – Yes, people of my country are really into growing plants at home. It not only offers a beautiful view but also helps people get back to the nature lover or very fond of eating organic foods, I have grown various types of vegetables, flowers and fruits in the background of my house.

Q2. Do older adults grow plants?

ANSWER – Definitely, old people indulge in gardening more often than other age groups. This is mainly because they know it’s tremendously beneficial for their physical or mental health. Moreover, Elderly people have profound knowledge of distinct plants as well as a lot of spare time to take care of them.

Q3. How do schools teach students to grow plants?

ANSWER – Schools play an important role in teaching pupils to grow plants by introducing lessons on environment to them in classrooms. Secondly some schools encourage students to grow plants by saying them to participate in the activity of planting plants at school. in addition this, students grow plants on their natal days because their teachers motivate them to do so which is really appreciable.

Q4. What is the main plant of your country?

ANSWER – Well manifold plants are grown here and each and every plant has a huge significance so it’s hard for me to pick particular one to talk about. But if you insist me i would definitely talk about Basil plant. It’s a sacred plant in Hindu belief thus worshipped by Hindus. Apart from this it can be included in our diet to get health benefits. On the top of it, It purifies air by releasing oxygen.

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