Describe a time when you missed an appointment IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you missed an appointment IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you missed an appointment IELTS cue card


Describe a time when you missed an appointment

You should say:

When and where it happened?
What the appointment was for?
What happened when you missed it?
And explain how you felt about the appointment.

Sample Answer

Well, it’s quite a common occurrence when the people fail to attend appointments after scheduling them. So, i am not exception. It have a particular situation to be shared in this cue card. I vividly remember i had an appointment with my doctor a couple of months ago in relation to hair fall But Unfortunately i missed it.

Actually the appointment was arranged/scheduled on Sunday at 4 pm in the evening. The same Sunday’s morning my cousin came to my home. And he requested me to go along with him for shopping. I couldn’t turn him down. I thought i will return home by 3’o clock and will be able to attend meeting. My cousin took me to the renowned shopping mall of our city.

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Where we were so engrossed in shopping that the meeting slipped my mind. All of a sudden i looked at my watch. It was 3’o clock. Immediately we foot the bill and left for home. Again unluckily on the way the road was jammed with vehicles. We were moving at a snail’s pace. It took us approximately 2 hours to get out of this traffic congestion. As a result i missed an imperative appointment.

I was greatly/deeply saddened by this. I realized it happened due to my reckless/carelessness. But now there was no point in crying over spilt milk. I made a plea to my doctor to rescheduled the meeting and promised to become punctual for the next time. Therefore this was the occasion when i missed a crucial appointment.

Describe a time when you missed an appointment IELTS cue card

Follow up

1. Which events in your country do most people forget?

ANSWER – Well, it is not a cup of tea to talk about a single event which is generally forgotten by individuals. But according to my perspective, individuals mostly forget birthday’s & anniversaries of their near and dear ones.

2. Do you think it is a good idea to use electronic devices for putting reminders?

ANSWER – Ofcourse, this is a good thing because technology is to proliferating day by day and makes individual’s life convenient.

3. Do you use them?

ANSWER – Ofcourse, i use electronic gadgets to live a luxurious life and i surmise that these gadgets are the need of the in this contemporary era.

4. How can memory help you to learn a new skill?

ANSWER – Without any doubt, memory is the vital part for learning something new or a skill. As for learning a skill practice is needed and memory really help to practice or revise a new thing or skill.

5. Can electronic devices such as smartphones replace human memory?

ANSWER – Never, electronic devices can help individuals in their work but cannot replace human memory. Because human memory is the precious thing given by god.

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