Talk about a traditional object of your country Cue Card IELTS

Talk about a traditional object of your country Cue Card IELTS

Talk about a traditional object of your country Cue Card IELTS


Talk about a traditional object of your country or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought.

You should say:

What is it?
How is it made?
When did you try it for the first time?
Why do you like it?

Sample Answer 1

Well traditional objects are considered great assets of a country which reflects it’s rich culture and traditions. I am familiar with numerous such objects of my country. But here i am interested to talk about one of fabulous conventional products, namely, Phulkaari. I purchased such an awesome piece of cloth from Patiala city a couple of years ago. This city is eminent for such traditional things.

The word Phulkaari means floral work. This work is beautifully done by hands with the use of needle and different coloured threads on cotton fabric. The threads which are used for embroidery are of silk yarn called Pat. Various alluring an interesting designs can be made on fabrics. Phulkaari is known as The Folk embroidery of Punjab. It’s worn by women in Punjab during marriages and festivals.

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traditional object of country

I can vividly recall there was a cultural program in my college during my graduation. That’s when i wore Phulkaari for the first time with Punjanbi suit and Punjabi Jutti. At that time i received plenty of beautiful compliments from my friends and teachers. And honestly i was feeling over the moon because of this.

In response to the question why do i like it, I’d say proudly Phulkaari plays a very important role in every Punjabi girl’s life as i belong to Punjab, i am fond of wearing it. Secondly, it’s a marvelous part of our culture, whenever we use this object it shows that how deeply we are connected to our culture and traditions.

Last but not least and most importantly, Phulkaari embroidery is overall bright, vibrant, when we wear Phulkaari for any special occasion we look more charming.

Sample Answer 2

Well, honestly speaking, i belong to such nation, which is blessed with various culture and heritage and there are so many traditional objects, that reflect the Indian culture. So, here i would like to talk about one such objects, that is commonly found and used in most part of the India, that is Earthen pot.

Basically, Earthen pot is a clay pot which is used to store and keep the drinking water cool and there is no need of any kind of refrigeration and electricity. That’s why, it is so cheapest and versatile device. If i talk about it’s construction, it is made of clay and water mixture. It is given variety of shapes with the help of potter wheel by rotating wheel and often painted it in different colours to make it extremely attractive.

I vividly remember, when i was around 10 years old, we bought a big pot, from potter, and that’s the first time, when was started utilising regularly. However, due to a fragile object, after breaking it, we have to purchase new one. As it has numerous functions, such as storing drinking water, making cold lassi, curdling the milk and many more.

In addition to this, owing to it’s multifarious features, In the past time, when teher was no option of refrigeration, people often store and kee fresh water in these pots. Even today, instead of consuming refrigerator water, people love drinking water of pot especially in the summer season.

Because it not only save money, but also save the health from various fatal diseases. As it has natural freshness, that keeps the water fresh and pure. which assists to maintain the digestion system of human body. Because of these all features, love using it and after drinking water of pot, I feel rejuvenated and full of beans. All in all, that’s the traditional object of my country, which i use in my daily life.

Follow ups

Q1. Describe another traditional product from your country (apart from what you spoke about).

ANSWER – Well, there are umpteen traditional products of my nation such as. Pashmina shawls, wood work, bamboo handcrafts, pottery and many more. These are quite eminent in my nation. Many sightseers purchase these products as a souvenir of India.

Q2. What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?

ANSWER – There are ample pros of traditional products to natives of that nation. As, they keep in touch with their cultural roots. Apart from this, they can make and sell that product as a souvenirs to the tourists in order to learn bread & butter.

Q3. Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products? 

ANSWER – Of course, government should because only then the culture & tradition of any nation will flourish. Otherwise, culture & tradition will become a part of history for upcoming generation.

Q4. Do you think because of globalization, countries are adopting each other traditions?

ANSWER – Definitely, I can say, because with the advancement of technology, individuals are able to know about each other’s culture. I surmise that this is a good thing because it will give birth to brotherhoood.

Q5. Did the traditional things of the past have more value than the present things?

ANSWER – Yes, I can say as i deem that individual’s emotions are attached with the traditional things. After seeing that products, the can memorize their nostalgic memories. And all change with time. The things of present time will become the traditional things in future for next generation.

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