Age | IELTS Speaking Part 1

Age | IELTS Speaking Part 1



Are you happy to be the age you are now? / Do you like your current age?

ANSWER 1 – Definitely yes, as the age i am now, my spirit is at it’s strongest. Furthermore, I think that being in late 202’s has bestowed me with psychological as well as financial freedom although accompanied with array of responsibilities. But big milestones are yet to be achieved.

ANSWER 2 – To be honest, i think that my childhood time was one of the happiest timeframe, as it was not accompanied with woes and work responsibilities. Besides, i could find contentment in little toys and in watching spongebob cartoon episodes.

How do you feel about getting older?

I think that growing old is a privilege not everyone gets to experience. Although, there are a lot of things about aging like deteriorating health, that are not the most fun, but the alternative is dying young. so, i would rather imbibe healthy habits to lead longer and healthier life.

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When do you think is the best age for people to learn driving?

As per my perspective, the ultimate time to learn driving is un early 20’s as the brain is much developed at this stage and the body is young and supple enough to respond with sharp reflexes. Moreover, confidence and levels of design to gasp techniques are high in this age group.

Do you think you have changed as you have got older?

Absolutely, life is full of changes. i used to be very impatient but comparatively, i have become more patient and also less obsessed with superficial things. i guess as i got older, my priorities in life has changed, as i am more concerned about saving money for my future than squandering it on stuff that no one notices.

Should we treat people of different ages equally?

ANSWER 1 – Yes, I believe that equality must be observed among people of all age groups. whether a person is a child, or a teen or an old aged, each one should be treated with respect and decorum and should be granted the same basic rights in life. Eg. right to speech.

ANSWER 2 – I do not believe that the premise of treating people of all age groups equally is an absolute, since oldster is naturally treated differently than a small child in terms of rights and responsibilities. for instance, small children and adults are given unequal rights when it comes to drivings cars.


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