Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store

Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store

Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store

You should say:
When it happened?
What you bought?
What problem you had?
And explain how you felt about the experience.

Sample Answer

Well, I’m really into shopping . Going for shopping not only increases my brand awareness and fulfils my basis needs but also acts as a stress buster. Most of the time i prefer offline shopping but once in a blue moon i go for online shopping.

I precisely remember a couple of years ago i went to the market which is within the walking distance of my house. There is a clothing store in the market that is renowned for having a wide variety of clothes. I visited this store. Actually owing to the festive season the attractive discount on every purchase was being offered by the shopkeeper.

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I also made up mind to buy a dress from this store. But when i entered the store, much to my surprise and annoyance the store was overcrowded with customers. The first problem which i experienced during shopping was that i had to wait for a huge amount of time to select a dress of my choice as all the salesman were busy dealing with many customers.

Secondly, I couldn’t try it on because the trail room was busy. so i couldn’t check if it fits me. Now it was the time to foot the bill. Again i had to wait for a handsome amount of time since many others also were waiting for paying, their bills. But, during my entire shopping one thing which i liked and will be worth mentioning here is that owner and the workers were easy-going people, they were dealing with the customers very nicely and happily.

After reaching home when i tried this dress on, honestly i was looking heavenly beautiful after wearing it, it fitted me perfectly. Furthermore if i talk about my overall experience i must say, it was fabulous in terms of the quality and cost of the product which i bought. However waiting for an extended period of time for a specific task was exhausting which made me feel really passed off.

So this was an awful experience i had while shopping in a physical store.

Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store IELTS Cue Card

Follow up

1. What kind of customer service do you think is good?

ANSWER – Well, there are ample things that are considered in good customer services. The most predominated thing is the polite behaviour of salesmen with customers. Secondly, companies should provide prompt services and fantabulous product quality.

2. What are the differences between shopping online and in-store?

ANSWER – Well, there are umpteen differences between online & offline shopping. The biggest difference is the vast variety of products which is available online. Besides this, in this era, everyone has hectic schedule. So, online shopping saves their time of commuting and one can receive his product, on his/her doorsteps.

3. What problems do customers often have while shopping?

ANSWER – According to my perspective, it is quite arduous for most of the individuals to choose a perfect piece of cloth or product because of vast variety of commodities. Besides this, ample masses face problem regarding size which is quite common.

4. What do you think customers should do when there are problems with products bought online? 

ANSWER – Without any doubt, they should complain at the official website of that product. And also go with refund or return if needed.

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