Describe an unusual meal you had IELTS cue card

Describe an unusual meal you had IELTS cue card

Describe an unusual meal you had IELTS cue card


Describe an unusual meal you had

You should say:

Who you were with

Where you went

When it happened

Why it was unusual

Sample Answer 1


Food is an indispensable part of human’s everyday life. I have had countless meals on various wonderful occasions until now. But here i am eager to talk about an exceptional meal I ever had in my life.

It occurred approximately two years ago when I visited my cousin’s house in Delhi. Actually My cousin passed an IELTS exam with flying colors so I went to his house in order to congratulate him and spend some time with him. The very next day he took me to one of the renowned restaurants of Delhi for enjoying a scrumptious meal together

Even though the food over there, wasn’t budget-friendly, the restaurant was famous for offering the visitors a satisfying and enjoyable eating experience. Explaining ahead, There were plethora of delicious dishes being served to the customers. My cousin ordered Mexican burrito, an exotic dish. I was filled with a sense of curiosity and excitement as I was going to try a new dish. when the food was served to us, I was surprised to see its great presentation.

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Moreover a fantastic aroma was coming from it. On the top of it its taste was inexplicable, I relished each and every bite. This food was consisted of red beans, many types of cheese and vegetables such as broccoli and capsicum. It was similar to Punjabi chapati. Genuinely speaking, I didn’t even hear about it before let alone eat it.

So for these reasons this meal was unusual for me. I thanked my friend hugely for this fabulous treat. Now whenever I get to visit my cousin’s house in Delhi I never forget to go to this marvelous restaurant to have a pleasing eating experience again.

Describe an unusual meal you had IELTS cue card

Sample Answer 2


I am such a foodie person that the mention of lavish food makes me feel hungry. Here I am going to talk about an exotic food which I had a year back when a South Indian family got shifted to our neighborhood.

It was for the first time when the people from other state, Darsh uncle and Abha aunty had come to our locality. So we extended them a warm welcome. They too invited us to their home for dinner in order to get familiar with us. On the fixed day, we went to their home. After exchanging courtesies over the tea they served us dinner, the aroma of which proved aunty’s prowess of cooking. First they made the whole of our family sit on the ground on which a mat was spread.

Then banana leaves were placed in front of us which filled us with amazement. After that aunty brought everything one by one and kept all the things on the banana leaves in apple pie order. The small bowls contained coconut sauce and red sauce whereas sambhar was served in a bigger one.

Moreover, dosa was beautifully kept in the center of the bowls in a somewhat slanting position. It was garnished with coriander leaves. It’s really a pleasure to recall that the sight of this exceptional looking food made my mouth water. My tickling taste buds were satisfied after consuming this scrumptious cuisine. All of us ended up licking the fingers.

Although I had eaten dosa earlier also, still I would call it unusual due to two reasons. On one hand this palatable delicacy was homemade and on the other it was served with great love and affection as well as in an authentic way. Now too whenever I eat dosa from the market, I am reminded of the exotic taste of the one which I had that day. All in all, this was the special meal which was enjoyed by me thoroughly.

Describe an unusual meal you had IELTS cue card

Sample Answer 3

Well, being a gastronome every now and then I prefer to try something new and here I’m going to talk about an occasion when I ate an unusual meal. vividly remember, it is a matter of last year when one of my bosom friends named Nithya invited me with my family to her home for dinner who belongs to Kerala.

When we all reached their home they rolled out the red carpet for us and offered us sitting. Firstly they served us beverages and near about 9 P.M. they started preparations for serving food which made me startled because they spread a mat on the floor and kept some banana leaves there.

Then my friend’s father clarified that it is the traditional feast of their region called “Saddhya” which is eaten with the right hand without cutlery and by sitting cross-legged on the floor. All this seemed quite fascinating to me and we did the same as they informed me us. The prime dishes of this course were rice, vegetables, lentils, bread, pickles, and yogurt buttermilk, payasam, which is a delicious south Indian dessert.

Our banana leaves kept getting piled up with delicacy after delicacy, savoury after savoury. All the dishes were delectable and we were licking our fingers. I praised this dish as well as her mother’s culinary skill to the skies. This meal was exceptional for me because of its distinct method of serving as well as eating. Besides this, it had 24-28 dishes in single course which made me taken aback. Last but not the least, in the future, whenever I will have the opportunity I would never miss the boat to relish this dish again.

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