Describe an actor or actress whom you admire IELTS cue card

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire IELTS cue card

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire IELTS cue card


Describe an actor or actress whom you admire

You should say:

Who he/she is?

What he/she looks like?

What kind of movies he/she apperas in?

And explain why you admire this actor/actress?

Sample Answer 1


Well, I love to watch movies in my leisure time. However, today I am going to talk about an actor whom I admire the most.

His name is “Amitabh Bachan” and he impressed me with his acting. He is a Bollywood superstar and a brilliant actor. His age is around 80 years but still, he has enough capability to act in the film industry. Amitabh Bachan had appeared in approximately 185 movies. If I talk about his appearance. He has a very humble background.

He worked as a business executive in Calcutta (Kolkata) and performed in theatre before embarking on a film career. He is tall, smart, and handsome. Dedication, hard work, and determination, all words become too small in front of this man. His presence in Bollywood adds value to the name.

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He mostly worked in action movies. Whenever I watch his “Bhoothnath” movie, I watch that with proper excitement like I never watch that before. He acted as a ghost in that movie.

He earns the majority of his income from brand endorsements but I admire him because he is always ahead when it comes to social causes and charity work. Amitabh Bachchan once quoted that “Bad luck can either destroys you or reveal the person you are”. This thing helped him to keep on improving. So this is an actor whom I admire.

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire IELTS cue card

Sample Answer 2


Well, admiring someone is really important to stay inspired. Although I know about many renowned celebrities and really like them also. But here, I would like to talk about one particular actor whom I admire.

He is none other than Aamir Khan. He is also known as “Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood.” He is not only an actor but also a producer. If I talk about his personality, he has a charming appearance. He is 5’6″ tall and has a fair complexion. He is around 57 years old but looks fit as a fiddle as he gives special attention to fitness.

As a versatile actor, he has appeared in films of various genres such as comedy, thriller, romance, action, and many more. He has won many awards in his lifetime. After achieving success, he now works in films that convey social messages to audiences. He uses his name and fame to raise awareness about social issues such as unemployment, poverty, the education system, women’s rights, and many others.

For example, he appeared in the movie “Dangal,” which is totally based on two female wrestlers. I admire him for a variety of reasons. The most notable is that he inspires me to work harder because he never gives up. Furthermore, I learn from him how to stay grounded after success, how to use our resources, how to maintain health, how to stay dedicated and committed, and many other things. Finally, I’d say he’s someone I admire.

Describe an actor or actress whom you admire IELTS cue card

Follow up

Question 1. Are actors or actresses very interested in the work? Why?

Ans. I think yes both actors and actresses are curious about their work because of having artistic interests. If they are not interested in acting, their life would become dull and they will not be able to put their proper efforts and dedication towards their work. Apart from this, they will not be able to become successful in life.

Question 2. Is being a professional actor or actress a good career?

Ans. Yes, being a professional actor or actress a good field but when individuals are interested in this career. Then they have to put their heart and soul into it. Because it requires a lot of effort and patience. However, a professional actor can earn much high earnings and achieve a good level of position. Acting is a wonderful career that allows people to learn new skills and meet new people.

Question 3. What can children learn from acting?

Ans. Children can learn numerous things and skills from acting. Children can learn about performing arts skills and public speaking skills. Acting classes teach children how to convey their thoughts and feelings through their faces and body language. Moreover, it also boosts their confidence and teamwork mentality.

Question 4. Why do children like special costumes?

Ans. When children put on costumes, they use them as a means to express themselves and their aspirations. They use their creativity and transform into a different person while playing dress-up. In addition, it also boosts the imagination skills when they feel themselves into fantasy.

Question 5. What are the differences between actors or actresses who earn much and those who earn little?

Ans. There is a lot of difference between the actors and actresses who earn much and a little. Those who earn more means that they can get a name, fame, and money. On the other hand, others are suffering from frustration and they have to put in more and more effort.

Question 6. What are the differences between acting in the theatre and the film?

Ans. Both acting in theatre and film are different. The biggest difference between acting in theatre versus acting on the screen is the location of the film. In a theatre, the audience tends to be far away from the stage. Moreover, actors can get only 1 chance to perform, and no retakes are available. On the hand, in film, the usage of the camera eliminates the distance between the performer and the observer.

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