Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS cue card

Describe a person you met at a party and enjoyed a conversation with IELTS cue card

Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS cue card


Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed

You should say:

In which area/room do you feel relaxed

Why do you feel relaxed there

What do you do to feel relaxed

Sample Answer 1


Well in this era of modernization and full of activities there is hardly any place where one can experience a peaceful atmosphere.

Talking about my abode Although there are a number of places in my house such as living room, balcony, rooftop and garden where I feel relaxed, i am interested to talk about my bedroom. By spending some time in my room I feel myself completely at ease. It’s situated in the corner of my house, containing a bed, a chair, a wardrobe, a bookshelf and a couple of essentials more.

This is the place where I have me-time and get immense relaxation. I have adorned it according to my choice. I have stuck a page with positive affirmations written on it, on my bedroom wall because of which whenever I enter my room I get positive vibes and de-stress myself. Moreover it’s a comfortable and a fabulous space because the light shade in which walls are painted and the color of curtains offers a soothing experience. Besides this it’s my favorite space to relax as It’s full of peace and quiet.

I am unable to hear any noise from outside and thus I don’t get distracted while doing any of the activities in my room. Finally I have placed a flower pot bedside my dresser. a touch of green adds life to my bedroom space and helps me feel refreshed and stress free. Furthermore in order to feel relaxed I do plenty of activities of my great interest over there.

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Firstly when my friends come over, I sit in my room with them. Either we chat or watch TV along with enjoying snacks with tea. Secondly, as I have an extremely comfortable leather chair in my room, I prefer to sit in it in the evening and listen to my favorite music or read a book. Apart from this I tend to perform meditation in my room at the crack of dawn and feel calmness inside. So this is the area in my home where I feel relaxed.

Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS cue card

Sample Answer 2


Well, being a student, I have a hectic schedule so, I hardly get time for my enjoyment or to spend with my kith and kins. In this faced era of life, I must say that relaxation plays a part and parcel role in every individual’s life.

So, today I want to shed some light on an area in my residence where I feel relaxed which is the Garden. Being a fitness enthusiast, I love to work out, do yoga, and meditate at my home. I do it on regular basis. Doing yoga and meditation in the early morning with a peaceful atmosphere increase the blood flow to the brain.

So, I must say that the garden is the best place in my home because it has a quiet atmosphere. Moreover, yoga and meditation are also incredible forms of relaxation. In addition to it, I like to do gardening in my leisure time and I have planted numerous kinds of flower plants over there such as roses, jasmine, and marigold which also enhances the beauty of my garden. Whenever I enter my garden, flowers give me a pleasant fragrance.

Even I am fond of painting so I have also decorated flower pots with different and unique designs, these things make my mind fresh and give me relaxation. I love to sit in my garden in the morning time also because being a bibliophile, I enjoy reading books and newspapers as well. By reading that, I can also enhance my concentration level which can also boost my academic performance. So, I think the garden is the best place in my home where I can get relaxation.

Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS cue card

Follow up

1.) Do you think exercise is important for mental and physical health?

Ans. Of course, doing exercise regularly plays a part and parcel role in every individual’s life. Because people can become fitness freak and physical activity is not only good for our body, but it’s also great for our mind. Exercise helps to prevent and improve several health problems, including high blood pressure, and diabetes. Moreover, whenever we exercise, we feel fresh and energetic.

2.) Why do people feel stressed all the time?

Ans. There are a plethora of reasons behind this. The significant reason for stressful life is that competition is increasing in every field of life whether it is work or study. Students are competing with others for getting higher grades and people have to face unemployment in their life. Moreover, some people are stressed just because of their financial condition.

3.) Do you think there should be classes for teaching young people and children how to be relaxed?

Ans. I must say that yes, classes should be available for relaxation for children. Even schools should organize classes of meditation and yoga for students so that students can relax their minds and can be able to put their efforts toward education because mental health is essential to good learning.

4.) Why is it difficult for some people to relax?

Ans. Sometimes, it becomes complex for individuals to relax because they are constantly facing new challenges in their life. Generally, they are stressed at some point in their life. Apart from this, some people are too disturbed in their matters due to this reason, they find it hard to relax.

5.) Do people in your country exercise after work?

Ans. Most individuals in my country do not prefer to do a workout after their working hours. But yes, some individuals are more curious about their health, and even after work, they love to go to the gym for becoming fitness freak personalities.

6.) Where do people spend most of their time at home?

Ans. It depends on the choice and preference of the individuals. Some people like to spend most of their time in their gardens those who love to do yoga and meditation in the morning time. Some individuals like to spend their time in their own room. Some like to sit in the living room and they love to socialize with other family members.

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