You Should Say:

What you did?

When did you do it?

How did you feel about it?

Why did that achievement make you proud?

Sample Answer 1


Well, achieving dreams always brings happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Even though, I have achieved various ambitions throughout my life. But, here I would like to talk about a success I’m particularly proud of.

Actually, It happened three years ago. I clearly remember it was the month of March when . administration announced a lockdown due to corona pandemic, and no one was allowed to step outside. One evening, I was enjoying TV. My mother arrived and advised me to do something productive rather than wasting my time. I thought thoroughly, but I didn’t find anything.

We were a team of 4 students, Raman, Aman, Mohan and I. Interestingly, we were given 1 hour to complete. First of all, we all friends divided our works. In that project, I did cutting of colored papers and pasted on the foam sheet. And, one of my friends, Aman created ‘Save water’ logo with sparkle pen on top of the foam sheet. Other two friends pasted the prints of people who were wasting water. I also showed the drought land due to lack of water as well as recycling process of rain water.

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Then my grandmother recommended me to learn cooking. My mother has excellent culinary skills, so I began learning this from her. At first, It seemed as hard as rock, but with each passing day, I became acquainted with every type of ingredient, spice, and recipe.

I became an expert in this field after battling for 5 to 6 months. After learning this, I felt amazing because now I could make everything on my own, even in the absence of my mother.

I was very proud of myself because after lockdown a competition was organized in my society and I won that as well as everyone complimented me, saying, “You’re just like your mother,” which made me feel over the moon. Moreover, I made a great use of my spare time. Overall, this was the success I am proud of.


Sample Answer 2


Well, setting a goal in our life is not enough, we have to put our proper efforts and dedication towards that particular goal. I have received numerous prizes in my competitions during school time.

However, today I want to shed some light on a fabulous accomplishment that I achieved in my academics. When I was in Xi standard, I got very fewer grades. So, I was very disappointed at that time. At the initial stage of XII, I set a goal to achieve 90+ grades in my XII Commerce.

Moreover, I made a schedule for my study for proper utilization of time. Apart from this, I also switched off my mobile phone and quit all social media websites. After that, I put in all my efforts even though I burned the midnight oil. I tried to solve at least one sample paper of each subject on regular basis. Moreover, I also took help from the youtube channels that I used on my laptop.

When my result was going to be announced by the CBSE board, I was a little bit nervous but still, I had some confidence in my heart. Finally, when my result came, I was on cloud nine because I scored unexpected grades and got the first position in my school.

On that day, I received a call from my principal and she told me to come to school with my parents. When I reached there, they clicked my photographs with a medal. At that particular moment, my parents and teachers felt proud of me because it was an unbelievable result. So, this was the achievement of which I felt proud.


Follow up

1.) How to measure a person’s success? *

Ans. Well, it’s a little bit tricky question. The meaning of success is different for every person according to their profession. For a student, getting higher grades in academics or passing examinations with flying colours and success. Apart from this, getting a promotion by an office worker means success. Or maybe whatever a person wants to achieve in his or her life when they finally achieved it, it means success.

2.) Do you think the way people gain success has changed?

Ans. Well, certainly yes, because in the past times, people burned midnight oil (did hard work) to achieve success in their life or become famous. At that time, only singers, actors, and sportspersons were famous. However, in this contemporary era, people who have talent and by participating in talent shows can become famous overnight. Apart from this, nowadays people can post their pictures and video on social media for becoming renowned personalities.

3.) How do you define success?

Ans. Well, success is extremely a wide term. Success has different meanings according to different people. For some people, it means having a suitable and achieving goals means success. For most individuals, earning a lot of money and getting a promotion means a success. For students, passing exams with flying colours means success.

4.) How to reward successful people?

Ans. We can reward them in many ways. If workers get successful and can complete the target then the manager can give them a promotion and give them an international trip. People can also appreciate the work of successful people in front of others and encourage them to do more productive things.

5.) What’s the most difficult thing you have ever done?

Ans. Well, I am fond of painting but I am not an expert. Last month I have watched a video of landscape painting on a YouTube channel. So I tried the same and it was too difficult for me to make the exact, however, I tried my best. I completed it within 7 hours seriously it was a hard nut to crack for me.

6.) What qualities does a person need to have, to be successful?

Ans. A person needs numerous traits to become successful. An individual should have good communication skills. In other words, a person should talk calmly and politely. He should have the quality to handle any type of situation and be willing to share knowledge with others.

7.) Do you feel terrible when you fail to do something?

Ans. Sometimes yes, I feel upset for a short time whenever I fail to do something, however, next time I try my best to get a productive result from the same thing. In other words, I am a kind of person who is very dedicated towards my goal.

8.) Is failure a necessary thing in people’s lives?

Ans. Certainly yes, it is highly imperative to learn from failure because it brings us one step closer to reaching success. It means that without failure, we cannot enjoy success. Even behind every person’s successful story, there would be failures and disappointments.

9.) Is it important for young people to have some achievement?

Ans. Well, in this contemporary era, the world is full of challenges. So it’s highly crucial to have some achievements in a youngster’s life. Because it also enhances the sense of accomplishment and confidence. Achievements also teach them the importance of hard work.

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