Talk about an interesting old person you met recently IELTS Cue Card

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently IELTS Cue Card

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently IELTS Cue Card


Talk about an interesting old person you met recently

You Should Say:

Who this person is

How you met him/her

How you know him/her

What you do with this person (Optional)

Why did you find that person interesting?

Sample Answer 1


Well I have met numerous wonderful personalities from all walks of life until now. But here I would prefer to talk about a fascinating old person recently. whom I met And I consider myself extremely fortunate that I came across him.

This person is a retired army officer, his name is khushwant Singh. Currently he is running an organization which works for the impoverished people. He is tall and stunningly handsome. Now Talking about when I met him, as i am really into traveling, I was visiting Jaipur lately. I was in the train. A person who was sitting beside me, started talking over phone. From his way of conversating with someone on phone he seemed to be a knowledgeable and down to earth person. Hence, I didn’t hesitate to greet him, he introduced himself. He told me regarding his profession, interests, hobbies and his achievements.

Describe a time you moved o a new home/school

Moreover he shared his plethora of real-life experiences with me. That’s how I got to know a lot about him. Genuinely speaking he is really an engrossing person. When I first met him in the train, we exchanged our phones numbers at the end of our journey. He is living in the countryside, he has invited me over numerous times. To be perfectly honest I really enjoy visiting him. Every time when I visit him, I gain a bottaload of information about various aspects of life.

Explaining further, I found him a fabulous as well as incredibly interesting person for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that he has immense knowledge and experience to be shared. Besides this, since he is extremely health conscious, he is as fit as a fiddle even in his 70ies. He is full of vim and vigor. Apart from this, he interests me because he is a philanthropist, takes initiatives for unprivileged and poor masses and uses considerable part of his salary for their welfare.


So this is the captivating and interesting personality with whom I met recently and i would like to be like him in my life.

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently IELTS Cue Card

Sample Answer 2


One unique old person that I met at a party and enjoyed conversation with was my friend’s grandmother. Her name was ABC and she was 86 years old. It was my friend’s birthday party and he had celebrated it at home.

His grandmother stays in the US and was visiting my friend especially for his birthday. I met her for the first time and feel so happy and excited about meeting her. Her personality was not only very interesting but also mesmerizing. We discussed many topics in a short time but the most important topic of discussion was her fitness.

At the age of 86 her skin glowed like 20 years and her eyes sparkled like a kid. She was so active and energetic that she danced excellently on all the beats. All were very impressed with her. That is why I found her very interesting. She told me about her diet and exercise regime and what other things she does to keep herself fit.

I felt motivated to be like her after meeting her. She taught me new mantras of living life healthy and happy which are worth implementing. It was delightful and gladdening to meet and spend quality time with her.

She was completely opposite of how some old people of her age are. She was so much active and energetic. I have resolved to bring changes in my diet, lifestyle and attitude towards life only after meeting her.

Talk about an interesting old person you met recently IELTS Cue Card

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