Describe a piece of good news you heard from others IELTS Cue Card

Describe a piece of good news you heard from others IELTS Cue Card

Describe a piece of good news you heard from others IELTS Cue Card


Describe a piece of good news you heard from others

You Should Say:

What it was about?
When you received this news?
How you received this news?
Why you feel it was a good news?

Sample Answer 1


Well, news plays a part and parcel role in every individual’s life. There are three main purposes of news to inform, to educate, and to entertain people.

However, today I am going to talk about the good news that I heard from my mother. When my matriculation result was going to be announced by the CBSE board, I was in my school because I already took admission to the XI standard. When my result came, one of my school teachers called my mother and told her about my result that I scored 91% in my examinations.

We reached around 20 minutes earlier at cinema. During that time, one of my friends, Raman started talking about Sonu Sood’s movies, suddenly Gagan and Aman told us that Sonu sood is coming Moga after few days. When I came to know about this news, I started celebrating this news like a festival. To be honest, he is my favourite actor and I was full of excitement to meet him.

She got extremely glad. When I came back home, my mother told me the whole situation that I achieved the second position in my school. After listening to these words, I was on cloud nine because I scored unexpected grades and got the second position in my school.

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On that day, I received a call from my principal and she told me to come to school. When I reached there, they clicked my photographs with prizes and medals with the teachers also. When I received that photograph, I hang that on the wall of my room. Even nowadays also, whenever I see that photograph, I can get positive vibes. In addition to it, my parents felt proud of me.

In the evening, we went to the Sikh shrine to pay obedience to God. On the next day, my parents organized a small party at home and invited my close ones. So, this was the news that I heard from others.

Describe a piece of good news you heard from others IELTS Cue Card

Sample Answer 2

Well, sharing information with one another is MANDATORY to stay updated about the world. Although I receive information from a VARIETY OF sources throughout the day. But, here i would like to share one experience when i heard a particular good news. It was related to the COMMENCEMENT of an audition next year, which will be CONDUCTED by the EMINENT show “The Talent Hunt.”

The PRIMARY MOTIVE of this audition is to find the hidden talent of people from rural areas, either they are LITERATE or not. Actually, it happened last month. I was returning from college. When I was A STONE’S THROW AWAY from home, I saw a crowd, and they were talking about it. When I INQUIRED, they told me about it.

At first, I didn’t believe it. But when I saw the banner on a wall, I was surprised. I started jumping with excitement and RUSHED home to tell my parents about it. I considered this good news for various reasons. Firstly, it provided me an opportunity to prove myself on such a big platform, as I had been preparing for this since my childhood.

Furthermore, in my society, there are many people who are extremely talented but are unable to PURSUE their dreams due to a lack of funds, so it will benefit them as well. Furthermore, this talent hunt advertisement motivated me to work harder. All in all, this was PRODUCTIVE information that I came to know from a crowd.

Describe a piece of good news you heard from others IELTS Cue Card

Follow ups

Question 1- How do people share good news?

Ans. In this contemporary era, most people love to share the good news through social media websites such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and snap chat. Moreover, some people also prefer audio calls and video calls for sharing their news. Some individuals prefer to tell good news in person.

Question 2- Why do some people share news on social media and is it good to share news on social media?

Answer– Yes, I think so, because, on social media sites, people generally share the good news in a few minutes. It saves our time and convenient method for sharing news. Apart from this, people just need to type a message and put a status or story on social sites and it reaches a very wide audience simultaneously.

Question 3- How does modern technology affect the delivery of information?

Answer– Technology makes our life easier in every field so it makes delivery extremely instant. Whenever we have to send a message to a lot of people, then we can generally make a group and send a message only once time then it reaches a wide audience. For example, on Facebook, we can share any news with several people

Question 4- Should the media only publish good news?

Answer– I think the media should publish every kind of news good and bad both so that the audience or viewers can come to know about what is happening around the world. For example, nowadays crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. So they should know what is right or wrong in this era.

Question 5- When do people share good news?

Answer– People share good news whenever they want to tell their near and dear ones. So, people just want to tell others what type of good things happened to them. For instance, students share the good news with others whenever they achieve higher grades in their academics. Moreover, when people buy something new such as a car, or house, these types of news they wanna tell others.

Question 6- What kinds of good news you have received before?

Answer– I received a plethora of good news in my life. Recently, I heard from one of my cousins who got PR in Canada. One of my friends also told me that he passed his exams with flying colors. Apart from this, last year, my cousin was blessed with a baby boy.

Question 7- What kind of good news people like to hear?

Answer– People are always eager to hear news which is benefiting their personal and professional life. People like to hear a lot of good news like the birth of a child, a dream job, and achievement in professional and personal fields. This kind of news excites people in so many ways.

Question 8- Do most people like to share good news?

Answer– Sometimes, people do not want to share the negative things in their life because they don’t want to create trouble in someone’s life. However, yes, I think so, they share the good news because human is a social animals and can’t live without talking and sharing anything with others. And this thing also gives happiness to them.

Question 9- Do people like to hear good news from friends?

Answer– Frankly speaking, I think it happens very rare nowadays because sometimes it can lead to jealousy factor. Because people do not want to listen to others’ happiness. For instance, 2 friends are going for an interview for their professional job, one clears it while the other doesn’t. The friend who failed, might not have the positive attitude to learn about other friends’ good news. Its human tendency.

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