Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know IELTS CUE Card

Describe a time  when  you had to lend something to a person you  know IELTS CUE Card

Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know IELTS CUE Card


Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know

You Should Say:

What you lent?

When it happened?

Why he/she asked to borrow the item?

Explain how you felt about this?

Sample Answer 1


Well lending is an indispensable part of human’s everyday life. Being a generous person I always like to offer others a helping hand in their difficult situations.

I have so far lent countless things to others. But here i am going to talk about an occasion when I lent my laptop to my bosom friend.

This event took place a couple of months ago when my friend was given an assignment to be completed by his tutor. He is my childhood friend, we are born and brought up in the same locality. His house is a stone’s throw away from my house. So one day he came and requested me to give him my laptop. Actually his own laptop had broken down and he was in a dire need of another one.

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e was supposed to submit his assignment within one week. As I am extremely helpful by nature, I rushed to my room and brought my laptop for him without a second thought. Explaining further, I got inner satisfaction and immense happiness after helping my loved one as I knew that helping others is a fundamental duty of human being. Moreover I was assured that my laptop will be kept with great care, hence I didn’t need to worry about the safety of my possession at all.

Furthermore, in response to the question would I let my friend have it again in the future, I’d say, undoubtedly I will. First and foremost reason is that it’s said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Besides this, I know my friend takes excellent care of things so I will not hesitate to lend my laptop to him again in his hour of need.

Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know IELTS CUE Card

Sample Answer 2


Well, frankly speaking, normally I avoid borrowing anything from others as much as possible.

However, today I am going to talk about a time I had to give my laptop to my friend for some days when he needed it. The laptop was of the “HP” brand. My friend was my junior and lived in my neighborhood. When I was in XI standard, the state placed a lockdown in my nation due to the Covid pandemic situation.

We couldn’t go outside for attending our classes in school. Even all schools were closed. So, our classes were going online on zoom. But he did not have any source for attending the classes and he was really worried about it because his board exams were near. He told the whole situation to me. I took some time to think about it. After that, I gave my laptop to him for some days. And I preferred to use my brother’s laptop for my academics.

I normally gave him because he was in need. Even I couldn’t think about saying no whenever someone is in need. In fact, I was extremely happy when I helped my friend. He took my laptop for approximately 3 weeks. When his studies got completed, he returned my laptop to me and also thanked me a lot.

If I talk about the future, I will never mind if I have to give my laptop to my friend but nowadays he already bought his new laptop from the Lenovo brand. So, this was the time when I had to give my laptop to my friend.

Describe a time when you had to lend something to a person you know IELTS CUE Card

Follow ups

Question 1- What do you think of people who are posting their personal life on social media?

Answer– In this technical era, to become famous and earn money, I think it is beneficial for people who post their personal life on social media. It completely depends on the choice and preference of the people. Even in the future, if I get a chance to begin my vlog channel on youtube, I will make it.

Question 2- Do you think children should share their things with each other?

Answer – Yes, I think so, juveniles should share their things with others from the initial stage of their life. It means at the stage of childhood, parents should teach them about sharing their toys and clothes with others. Moreover, whenever they enter a young age, they automatically develop the habit of sharing things, cooperation, harmony, and team spirit.

Question 3- Why aren’t children willing to share their things, such as toys?

Answer – I think it also depends on their parents if they are running towards materialistic things and too possessive, so children also try to imitate their same actions in life. Moreover, some children are extremely stubborn from their childhood, and even they do not want to play with other children.

Question 4- How can parents teach their children about sharing?

Answer– Parents can tell them the importance of sharing like sharing is a way of life. Moreover, parents should do the same things in front them whatever they expect from their children. Sometimes children should be rewarded for sharing things. For instance, parents can buy something new for them whenever they share their things with others.

Question 5. How do you feel about sharing research documents online?

Answer – When the research documents share with individuals after publishing, then it is beneficial for others so that we can share our thoughts and tell others about our purpose through research documents. Sometimes, by sharing that, people can also collaborate with others so that both parties can work together and enhance their productivity level.

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