Outer Space & Stars Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Speaking

Outer Space & Stars Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Speaking
Outer Space & Stars Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Speaking

Outer Space & Stars Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Speaking

Q.1 Have you ever learnt about outer space and stars?

ANSWER 1 – Yes I have learnt about heavenly bodies in my science book during my school days. But it didn’t cover a profound knowledge regarding this useful topic therefore I know briefly about it.

Answer 2 – Yes, it was a a part of my scienc subject in 10th class. So that was a time when I read about outer space and travel.

Q.2 Do you like science fiction movies? why?

ANSWER 1 – Ofcourse i am really into watching science fiction movies. they not only are a source of entertainment but also act as a wonderful educational tool.

Answer 2 – Yes, I love to watch and my favourite science fiction movie is ‘LOVE STORY 2050’. It is full of entertainment.

For alternate answers please watch our video https://youtu.be/QWg4rrDO1DEon Youtube

Q.3 Do you want to know more about outer space?

ANSWER 1 – The topic of universe always fascinates me hugely, Hence i am keen on learning everything concerning planets, galaxies, stars and aliens. Whenever I have some leisure time I read books, articles and watch movies related to outer space in order to enhance my knowledge.

Answer 2 – Yes I would like to know more about magnetic explosions in outer space. It causes explosion that release massive amount of energy.

Q.4 Do you want to go into outer space in the future?

ANSWER 1 – Well For the time being, i am not interested in going into outer space. But, if this subject piques my curiosity in the future, then I will never miss the boat to discover and explore everything of the another world.

Answer 2 – If I get an opportunity to travel then I will definitely travel to see stars and other bright planets.


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