SMALL BUSINESS Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Intro Questions

SMALL BUSINESS Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Intro Questions

SMALL BUSINESS Speaking Part 1 | IELTS Intro Questions

Q.1 Do you know many SMALL BUSINESS where you live?

Answer 1 – Yes there are numerous small businesses where lam living which are owned and run by the residents of my hometown. They are boutiques, salons, cafes, dairies, food outlets, sewing shops and plenty of other independent stores.

Answer 2 – Yes, there are several small businesses in my area such as, fast food shops, tea stalls.

Q.2 Do you prefer buying in big companies or small businesses?

Answer 1 – Both are preferred by me from time to time. For example, if I am planning to purchase something of renowned brand then I always go for big enterprises. However if I want to buy something in bulk, of regular use I prefer small businesses as I get everything there at reasonable prices.

Answer 2– I prefer to purchase products from large companies because I love to buy branded things.

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Q.3 Have you ever worked in a small business?

Answer 1 – Unfortunately not far. But in the future i am likely to join my bosom friend, he is running a plant nursery business and making profits. And As i am also really into gardening, i will probably become my friend’s partner in his business in the future.

Answer 2– I am student now. Hence, I haven’t gotten any opportunity to work in a small or big business.

Q.4 Have you ever thought about starting your own small business?

Answer 1 – Honestly speaking I have came across this idea plethora of times until now, But I know very well that running a business whether it is a massive or small one, requires sufficient experience and necessary skills to become successful in it which currently I don’t have. Hence i am thinking to work with my friend, as I have aforementioned that he is a small businessman, working with him will provide me confidence, experience and knowledge regarding running a business.

Answer 2– Yes, I want to open fast food restaurant in the future.


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