Describe A Person you would like to study or work with IELTS CUE CARD

Describe A Person you would like to study or work with IELTS CUE CARD


Describe A Person you would like to study or work with

You Should Say:

Describe A Person you would like to study or work with

Who is that person

Why would you like to study or work with him/her

What will you study or work


Well being a people person I definitely enjoy being surrounded by others and studying or working collaboratively with others. So, Here i am interested to talk about a person i am looking forward to working with. He is none other than my cousin, namely, Gurkirat.

He has a strong and bewitching personality. He’s been a brilliant student since his school days. He passed every class with flying colors. Honestly speaking our all relatives feel exceptionally proud of him.

Currently he is studying in a university and performing extremely well in study. Moreover he occasionally volunteers to aid the needy people. To be perfectly honest I have learnt numerous valuable things from him.

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Although we haven’t worked together so far, he always reminds me that our beautiful tasks make our life beautiful and purposeful too. Apart from this he possesses profound knowledge regarding every subject. Explaining further despite having plenty of exceptional skills, he is a down to earth person. For these above mentioned reasons I have a burning desire to work with him.

Furthermore lovingly we are Like-minded people. Gurkirat, after completing his study, wants to run an organization which will work for the impoverished and unprivileged masses. and I have also made up mind to join him. He reckons that humanity service is one of the best services and so do I. Hopefully I will get a fabulous experience of working with Gurkirat.

Describe A Person you would like to study or work with IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2


Well, Working or studying with other people is always beneficial in order to stay inspired and motivated. Although, I have worked or studied with various people throughout my life.

But here I would like to talk about a particular person with whom I would love to study in the future. This person is none other than Ram, who is not only my bosom friend but also my neighbour. If I talk about his personality, he is really attractive as well as intelligent, and he has a great understanding level.

I would love to study with him for a variety of reasons. The prominent one is that we both have similar interests and hobbies. Another one is that he is really expert at solving things in an easy way, which helps me really well to comprehend the topic in an interesting way.

Moreover, whenever I feel low, he always motivates me by giving some fruitful examples as well as through stories. Furthermore, he is really talkative, which is why I never feel bored or tired while studying with him. If I talk about the subject that I want to study with him are competitive subjects like arithmetic reasoning, English comprehensions, and many more

I will study with him after passing my senior secondary education, as We both have a great desire to work for the nation by enrolling in government services, as their pay scale is really high and it is a well-respected job in the society.


All in all, he is someone with whom I would like to study in the years to come.

Describe A Person you would like to study or work with IELTS CUE CARD

Follow ups

Question 1- What kind of people do you like to study or work with?

Answer – I tend to study with people who are intelligent, cooperative, and helpful; I also like people who are focused on their careers as well as the people who have a deep knowledge of the subject and are really interested in studying or working.

Question 2- Do you think managers can be friends with their subordinates?

Answer– Yes, managers can be friends with their subordinates since it is a good way to maintain unity and avoid disagreements among them. Furthermore, it will assist them in running the company more effectively than in the past.

Question 3 – Which one is more important for you at work, development in work related skills or the recognition from your supervisor?

Answer– I think improvement in work-related skills is more important than recognition from the supervisor because increment in salary and promotion both are based according to the work. Although i agree recognitions from supervisor is important to make image better, but it will benefit only one person while development in work-related skills will benefit the workers as well as the company.

Qus. 4 – Should children be allowed whom they want to sit or should it be decided by the teachers?

Answer– I think it is dependent on the Class standards. If I talk about the primary classes, then the teachers must assign the classmates to the school children as they are unaware of their likes and dislikes, but if I talk about the high school or Secondary school, then they should have the liberty to choose their friends as well as the classmates as they are mature enough.

Qus. 5 – Should children be involved in management activities of school?

Answer– Yes, definitely, they should be involved in the management activities of the school because they know more about their problems as well as the requirements for them as compared to the teachers because they have to deal with them. It will also help them take decisions and boost their confidence.

Qus. 6 – How one should behave in office to get along well with others?

Answer– One should behave politely, and they should cooperate with others to maintain unity and harmony in the company. Moreover, They should also not be leg pulling, which will destroy the harmony of the place.

Qus. 7 – Is it important for children in school to get along well with others?

Answer-Yes, it is absolutely necessary for youngsters to get along with others because this is the beginning of their lives, as they will learn how to manage and cope with situations involving diverse mentalities, as well as how to develop.

Qus. 8 – What kind of people are popular at work?


There are various personalities who are popular at work based on different attributes. Some people are famous for their extraordinary skill, talent, and hard work, while others are popular for their leg pulling as well as their rude behaviour. Apart from this, some are well known because of their behaviour with their colleagues as well as their unique way of dressing and manners.

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