Describe a special cake you received from others IELTS cue card

Describe a special cake you received from others IELTS cue card

Describe a special cake you received from others IELTS cue card


Describe a special cake you received from others

You should say:

When did it happen?

Where it happened?

Who you got the cake from?

And explain why it’s a special cake?

Sample Answer

Well, I have a sweet tooth and cake is one of my favorite desserts. Here i’m going to talk about an exceptional cake that i received from my sibling. I vividly remember it is a matter of 2 years ago when i went to college to check my graduation result and when i got to know that i passed it with flying colors, i was walking in the air.

At the drop of a hat, i shared this wonderful news with my family members when i came back home i was startled because our house was adorned like a bride. My favorite flavor chocolate cake was kept in the room which seemed delectable and on it congrats sis was written. Besides this, my bosom friends were also present there. All this filled me with pleasure and my brother hand me over a knife to slice the cake.

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When i had its bite, I praised it to the skies because it was moth-watering and i was licking my fingers so i asked my brother from which bakery he brought it. Then he told me that it is homemade and i was unable to believe in my ears. This cake was extraordinary because it was prepared by my brother especially to celebrate my success who detest cooking. I knew it was not a cakewalk for him because it was his first-ever try and my mother was feeling under the weather on that day so he prepared it solely with old Youtube.

He baked it at home because in those days i was suffering from a gastronomic problem so the doctor restricted me to eating outside food. I was grateful to him from core of my heart and cuddled him for making my day memorable.

Describe a special cake you received from others IELTS cue card

Follow ups

1. What are the differences between special food made in India and other countries?

ANSWER – According to my perspective, most of the special food items in India are vegetarian and contain a lot of vegetarian special food but with less spices. Besides, Indian food is heavily influenced by cultural and religious choices. On the other hand, food in western countries does not put a substantial emphasis on culture and religion.

2. Is there any food in your country which is eaten on special occasions or special times?

ANSWER – India is a diverse country in which every state has its festivals, culture, cuisins and tradition. For instance, in the state of Punjab, “Lohri” is one of the renowned festival and on that day , individuals love to eat mustard leaves dish with maize chapati. Apart from it, masses cut cakes on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, achievements and so on. Additionally, Biryani is eaten during Eid in many parts of India like Hyderabad.

3. Why are some people willing to spend a lot of money on meals on special days?

ANSWER – Well, i reckon during such occasions a lot of family members are together and having special meals which makes such events more memorable. Moreover, because of cheerful mood, individuals don’t mind spending a bit extra on the holidays. Additionally, few masses want to show their status in front of he society by spending money recklessly.

4. Do you think it’s good to communicate when eating with your family?

ANSWER – Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a conversation while eating with family. Firstly, we can share everyday happenings with our family members while having our meals which ultimately reduces the gap between the family members. Additionally, people are free during this time so the communication can be without and distraction. Most importantly, when having food, we are in better mood, so we are less likely to get into arguments.

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