Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift IELTS Cue Card

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift IELTS Cue Card

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift IELTS Cue Card


Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift

You should say:

When did you receive it?

What did you do with it?

How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer 1

Well a gift whether it is as an object or a cash, is a token of countless blessings and an abundance of love. Talking about myself i have received innumerable gifts from my salads days to nowadays from my near and dear ones. But here i am interested to talk about an occasion when i got a big chunk of money from one of my loved ones.

Although it happened donkey’s years ago, it is still etched on my mind. At that time i had just passed my secondary education and become a college student. I precisely remember it was my birthday. My family members celebrated my birthday with great pomp and show. My all kith and kin were invited to attend the party. Honestly i enjoyed a lot and received umpteen warm wishes and a lot of love on that day.

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Moreover, I got numerous presents and thanked everyone so much. After all the guests had gone, I rushed to my room and started unwrapping gifts happily and enthusiastically. Each and every gift was exceptionally beautiful but i was astounded by my parent’s gift. They gave me a handsome amount of money as a present.

The fact was that they knew i had been planning to buy a new scooty for a very long period of time. Apart from this now i was in dire need of it as my college was very far from my hometown and i had to go to college by bus. Plenty of times i missed my bus so i was late for college which was affecting my study badly. After receiving this cash i felt so overwhelmed that tears started rolling down my eyes. Seeing it parents enfolded me in their arms.

At that time i was feeling like the most blessed person on this planet. The very next day i went to the nearest city with my father in order to purchase a brand new scooty with this money. Frankly speaking i was feeling on the top of the world after purchasing a scooty of favorite company as well as my favorite color. Besides i was highly grateful to my guardians for their unconditional love and support.

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift

Sample Answer 2

Well, by giving and receiving gifts, people can show their love and affection towards each other. In this modern era, it also becomes a trend to exchange gifts on several occasions.

Here I would like to talk about a time when I received money as a gift. I vividly remember, it was my 18th birthday. My parents gave best wishes to me for my birthday. I thanked them a lot. But they did not discuss with me how would I like to celebrate my birthday. I was astonished on this matter. I asked them what happened but they did not tell me anything because they wanted to give me surprise party. I felt on the cloud nine when I came to know about this.

They invited all near and dear ones without informing me. Everybody wished me and clapped for me. I cut the cake which was baked by my loving mom because she has great culinary skills. That cake was mouth-watering. Then, everybody gave me gifts. But my grandfather gave me 30 thousand rupees as a gift. Earlier, I refused to take money but my mother said to me that if any elder gives money as a gift to you, then take it without any excuses

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift

Sample Answer 3

Wow! I would love to talk about this because this brings a smile on my face. ! received some money as a gift just a few weeks ago. I received it from the president of our residential locality. It was from the locality common fund. I got 10,000 rupees (you may use the currency of your country here).

There is a small story behind this cash gift. I was once returning home from somewhere and I saw that our common road was filthy and badly littered. There were dried leaves all over and also some garbage thrown by people. I was really disappointed. It did not give me a good feeling at all. At that moment; I took a decision to start a cleanliness awareness campaign.

I went to every home and spoke to people about how they can contribute towards keeping our area clean. I requested the municipal corporate to ensure that the garbage collection van arrives at every doorstep daily at a fixed time. I educated people about wet and dry garbage and also planted some flowering trees in front of every house. I also collected all the dried leaves from the area. Within no time the face of the area changed.

In reciprocation to this I got the prize. I was extremely delighted and proud that my sincere efforts were acknowledged and supported by all. I felt charged and motivated to continue doing this work and hence I purchased big dustbins and more plants from the dustbins given to me.

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift

Follow up

1. Is it important for children to have the right attitude towards money?

ANSWER – Of course, It is crucial for off springs to have right attitude toward money. Because, if children want to attain triumph in their life, they should become prudent wisely not recklessly.

2. In your country, do parents give children money for housework?

ANSWER – Well, in my nation, children offer helping hand to their parents in the household chores because it’s like an onus for them. Actually, parents just give them pocket money for their personal expenses.

3. What do you think of the saying; love of money is the root of all evil?

ANSWER – It is apparently true because obsession of anything is the beginning of unhappy life. So, according to my perspective a person should love money solely to carter his needs, not for greed.

4. Is it important to teach children how to manage their pocket money?

ANSWER – Definitely, it is the pivotal thing to teach children because if they manage their pocket money in well manner way, then they would be able to deal with money at large scale business. so, it is the initial duty of parents to teach their children about managing money.

5. What kind of occasions require people to send money as gifts?

ANSWER – Well, there are not any particular events which require individuals to send money as present. But, in Indian culture people mostly love to offer money on every special occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary and many more.

Describe a time when you Received Money as a Gift

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