Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS Cue Card


Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS Cue Card

You should say :

Where it is?

When you visited this place?

What you did there?

And explain why you think it was enjoyable?

Sample Answer

First of all, I will say just one thing that i belong to city which is on Amritsar Road but today i got chance to share the experience regarding the village where i visited with one of my friends Sonam

We both visited the area of Samrivala which is on Jalandhar Road In Ludhiana. We went there by bus in the last year in the month of August. We started our journey in the morning around 9 AM. We visited there last year because we both were free from our work. Second thing, at that time the weather was good, neither too cold nor too hot.

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Actually, my friend suggested me that we should visit this village Samri vala because there number of persons are addicted of drugs especially teenager who are just below 15 years old. Firstly, when we reached there we both organized a small camp and the name was Get new healthy life. In that camp, we told to the residents of there as well as example, grass always stay under the foot of human beings so you will also even your precious life will under the devil and he will destroy you. In the end, we distributed some pamphlets in which some ways mentioned to leave the drugs also some medicines.

To be honest, I really feel proud on myself that i make friendship with that person who reveals me right path. Lastly, after coming back when i week had completed, many dwellers of Samri vala made phone call to us that 80% individuals to turn down the face from drugs. At that time. i was on the seventh heaven.

Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS Cue Card

Follow up Questions

1. Do young people enjoy living in the countryside?

ANSWER – If i say truth then i will say no and the reason is which facility they can get in the urban areas they do not attain in villages. For example, shopping mall, sports club culture, big market, entertainment and many more.

2. Do old people prefer to live in the countryside or the city?

ANSWER – Senior citizens like to reside in the suburb areas the air is too fresh of that area. Secondly, is totally serene environment. In the evening time, they meet with their friends which is not possible in the city just because of the busy schedule of persons.

3. Why do many people move from small towns to big cities?

ANSWER – Number of individuals take decision because according to them very less amenities are available in the countryside as compared to urban areas where they get new opportunities and make their career.

4. What’s the difference between living in the countryside and living in the city?

ANSWER – The major difference is people have less time to contact with each other because they schedule is hectic but in the villages human beings like to meet with each other although they have work or not also get up in the early morning. I mean to say they are an early bird. Secondly, entertainment, education, hospital regarding facilities are less in villages as compared to cities.

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