Social Media IELTS Speaking Part 1

Social Media IELTS Speaking Part 1

Social Media IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you or your friends like using social media? social media ielts speaking

ANSWER – Undoubtedly my friends and I are hugely fond of using social media. It has become an indispensable part our everyday life. Apart from social purposes like chatting with our near and dear ones on a regular basis we use it for entertainment and educational purposes.

Do you think you and your friends use too much social media?

ANSWER – Admittedly my friends and I are using social media in an excessive manner. As we know that excess of everything has detrimental effects on us, we want to get rid of social media addiction. So nowadays we are working on it.

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Do you want to work in social media? why?

ANSWER – Well to be perfectly honest, as for now i am absolutely not interested to work in social media industry. However, future is unpredictable, so, if my interest gets increased in the upcoming years, I will never miss the boat.

What is the most popular social media in India? why?

ANSWER – Although plethora of social media apps are popular among Indians nowadays, I guess YouTube, Instagram or Facebook are hitting the peak of popularity. The reason is that with the help these apps individuals can not solely/only keep in touch with their loved ones but also get fame and fortune by showing their talent on them.

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