Snacks IELTS speaking part 1

Snacks IELTS speaking part 1
Snacks IELTS speaking part 1

Work or Study IELTS Speaking part 1 

Snacks IELTS speaking part 1

1. What snacks do you like to eat?

ANSWER 1 – To be perfectly honest, I have a sweet tooth and i can’t get enough of sugary snacks. I know that i should avoid eating them, but I’m guilty of eating them on a regular basis.

ANSWER 2 – Without any second thought, I can say, I love fritters and grilled sandwiches to eat in snacks.

2. Did you often eat snacks when you were young?

ANSWER 1 – I was really fond of eating brownies and cupcakes while going to school. They were a bit hit with kids and i was obsessed with snacks. They were quite fattening that being said i never imagined my day without snacks in my childhood.

ANSWER 2 – Of course, I’m from an Indian family and ate fritters was quite common in our home when i was young because Indian families are always known for their distinct types of cuisines.

Snacks ielts speaking part 1. For alternate answers please watch our video on Youtube

3. When do you usually eat snacks now?

ANSWER 1 – A coupe of times actually, I would consider myself a hodophile so i snack on eating chips and sandwiches an awful lot. I’d say it’s also hard for me to watch any movie without having snacks.

ANSWER 2 – Well, I eat snacks daily with hot beverages even snacks has become the part of my daily meals. I mostly eat crispy and spicy snacks.

4. Do you think it is healthy for you to eat snacks?

ANSWER 1 – I’d be lying if i said yes, it’s not healthy and there are a number of reasons that snacks should be avoided. Truth be told, I know what i should eat but eating snacks is my guilty pleasure. I wish could avoid it asap.

ANSWER 2 – No, It is not healthy for me. But I’m a gourmet so it’s quite arduous for me to avoid snacks because snacks are quite palatable and mouth working.

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