Flowers IELTS speaking part 1

Fowers IELTS speaking part 1
Flowers IELTS speaking part 1

Flowers IELTS speaking part 1

Q1. What kind of flowers do you know?

ANSWER – Well, there are ample kinds of flowers in whole world. But perhaps i know few types of flowers, that are renowned in my nation. Those types are rose, lotus, sun flower, lily and marigold.

Q2. Are there any flowers that have special meaning in India?

ANSWER – Yes, lotus is the nation and it is the symbol of purity. Apart from this, rose is the symbol of love in my nation.

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Q3. Have you panted any flowers?

ANSWER – Yes, I have planted numerous types of flowers in the backyard of my abode because gardening is my hobby and i feel inner complacency while gardening.

Q4. Have you sent flowers to anyone?

ANSWER – Of course, I gave a bouquet of flowers to my uncle and aunt on their wedding anniversary because my aunt id fond of flowers. So, I surmised that it is best present for them.

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