Work or Study IELTS Speaking part 1 

Work or Study IELTS Speaking part 1 

Work or Study IELTS Speaking part 1 

First we will discuss questions and answers related to work then will we move forward to study related questions.

Work or Study IELTS Speaking part 1 

Q1. What work do you do?

ANSWER 1 – Well, currently i am working as a mentor because i deem that this is one of the noble profession in my nation.

ANSWER 2 – Well, in these days, I am free because i have completed my graduation in 2014 and after that i worked for four years in a reputed alma mater, as a teacher. Now, i am planning to go overseas for my bright future.

Q2. Why did you choose to do that type of work ( or that job )?

ANSWER – Actually, it was my aspiration since my childhood. As, I want to teach destitute learner for free or at a very reasonable fees. So, that’s why, I opt this domain.

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Q3. Do you like your job ?

ANSWER – Of course, I love my job because this is the best domain to offer helping hand to the needy ones so that they can able to bright their future.

Q4. Do you miss being a student?

ANSWER – Obviously, I miss being an aspirant because that time period was the golden period was the golden of my life. As, i learnt umpteen traits throughout that time soon.


Q1. What subjects are you studying?

ANSWER – Well, I have just completed my senior secondary education in non-medical stream with flying colours. Now, I want to go abroad to attain an international degree of engineering.

Q2. Why did you choose to study that subjects/those subjects?

ANSWER – Actually, at that time, I had keen interest in mathematics. So, I opt non-medical stream/domain.

Q3. Do you like your subjects? why/why not?

ANSWER – Definitely, I have my subjects because they are very fascinating and i never feel boredom in my lecture.

Q4. Are you looking forward to working?

ANSWER – Yes, I can say, because in abroad, surely i have to work in order to cater my needs. So, initially i will start a part-time job.

Q5. Do you prefer to study in the mornings or afternoons?

ANSWER – Honestly speaking, I often prefer to study in early mornings because at that time i feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So, I can easily heed on my work.

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