Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school IELTS CUE CARD

Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school IELTS CUE CARD

Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school IELTS CUE CARD


Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school

You should say:

What the activity was

How often you did the activity

Who you did it with

And explain why you enjoyed doing it

Sample Answer

One of the most captivating activities I vividly recall from my primary school days is participating in and winning an inter-school debate competition on demonetization during my fifth standard. This engrossing activity occurred sporadically, typically once a year, as our school organized inter-school competitions to foster academic and intellectual growth.

I remember eagerly awaiting this event, anticipating the chance to express my thoughts on a topic that had real-world implications. I collaborated with my classmates to prepare for the debate, discussing arguments and refining our positions on demonetization. The teamwork aspect added an extra layer of enjoyment to the activity, as we shared ideas and honed our public speaking skills together.

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What made this activity truly memorable was the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue on a contemporary issue. Expressing my views in front of an audience and competing against other schools elevated the experience, pushing me to articulate my thoughts effectively. The satisfaction of winning the competition not only boosted my confidence but also affirmed the value of hard work and dedication.

All in all, the inter-school debate on demonetization in my fifth standard remains etched in my memory as a captivating and intellectually stimulating activity. It not only provided a platform for self-expression but also fostered teamwork and critical thinking skills, making it an experience I thoroughly enjoyed in my primary school days.

Describe an interesting activity that you remember enjoying most in your primary school

Follow Up

Q1. What activities do children often do in your country?

Answer – In my nation, children do a number of activities according to their interests and preferences. As some children love to engage in outdoor activities with their friends, like cricket, football, and tennis, while some love to watch cartoons in order to have entertainment. Apart from that, some kids also love to do technology related activities like playing video games, surfing social media, and many more.

Q2. At what time do children often have activities?

Answer – To be honest, these days, children have a hectic schedule as during the weekdays they first need to go to school, after that they take extra classes in order to compete in this competitive era. If I talk about specific time, they hardly find about 1 hour in the school in the physical period. On the other hand, on weekends, they are free for the whole day to participate in several activities.

Q3. What are the differences between activities at home and at school?

Answer – Many distinctions can be seen between the activities at home and at school. If I talk about the activities at school, they are more structured, have a time limit, and mostly children love to play outdoor activities during school time with their peers as well as teachers, and they are performed under the guidance of experts with proper rules and regulations. On the other hand, activities at home are less bounded, and kids prefer to do indoor activities more, like technology gadgets and some indoor games, like Carom, charge more, and there are fewer people to play with them. Moreover, there are no rules and regulations.

Q4. Why do some people like to participate in activities?

Answer – Some people love to participate in the activities because they know the importance of doing such activities as well as they are a source of entertainment and relaxation for them. Moreover, participation in these activities helps them stay in shape.

Q5. What activities do people do in their free time?

Answer – Well, it varies from generation to generation. If I talk about the children, they prefer to do indoor activities as well as outdoor activities or sometimes they also love to operate the technological gadgets. On the other hand, youngsters love to meet with their friends or relatives and sometimes they prefer to complete their pending task. When it comes to the oldest generation, they prefer to spend time with their family members or prefer to go to nearby parks or some religious places.

Q6. Does technology affect children’s activities?

Answer – If so, how? As every coin has two sides. In the similar way, technology also affects the children’s activities in a positive as well as negative way. If I talk about the positive side, technology helps the children to improve their communication skills and hand-eye co-ordination, teaches value of following rules and quick decision making by engaging them in some games. On the other hand, it makes them less social, keeps them away from physical activities which directly lead to several health hazards such as headache, weak eyesight, obesity, backache and so on.

Q7. Do you think that tourist attractions help people learn about new cultures?

Answer – Without a doubt, tourist attractions help people learn about new cultures because these are the places where people come from different places from different backgrounds, even from different countries. When people meet, they love to exchange their cultures with one another and get to know about the habits and lifestyles of the people living in different locations.


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