Describe a period when you were busy IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a period when you were busy IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a period when you were busy IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a period when you were busy IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a period when you were busy

You Should Say:

When it was

What you did during the period

What made you busy

And explain how you felt about the experience

Sample Answer 1

Well, finding spare time is a hard nut to crack in this day and age. Although there have been many situations when I have been busy throughout my life. But here I would like to talk about a period when I was extremely busy. Actually, it happened last year when I used to study in my senior secondary education. If I talk about a particular time, it was exactly one week prior to my final examination.

The prominent one is that during the day time, I attended all my regular classes as well as extra classes as my exams were around the corner. On the other hand, in the evening time, I was busy in preparation of arranging a farewell party for my brother as he got a Canada study visa for his further education, as well as handled all my guests.


Apart from that, at that time, I had responsibilty of my younger sister’s assignment, so, at the night time i helped her. Therefore, i hardly got a time to sleep for around 4 hours per day. When it comes to reasons for making me busy, I would say the sudden responsibility of arranging a farewell party and the stress of exams made me busy.

In terms of my experience, during the week, I was really worried about the responsibilities, but after a week, I felt over the moon because, due to this, I came to know about my potential to multitask. All in all, this was the time when I was busy.

Describe a period when you were busy

Sample Answer 2

Well, I am a busy bee as I have seen many busy periods in my life. But here I would like to talk about a period when I was extremely busy. I vividly remember, it happened few years ago when I was in senior secondary class. It was the month of February. At that time, my pre boards before the final exams were going on. I did a lot of things during that period.

Firstly, I planned my timetable and set time for each unit. Moreover, I took coaching of science subject from Jashan classes which was stone’s throw away from my home because I was weak in that subject and I had to spend 2 hours there. Apart from this, I used to go to my friend’s home so that we can have group studies.

In addition to this, my mother also helped me in studies. The main thing which keeps me busy throughout is rigid time table which I had to follow. More so, I had to attend my formal classes which were of SUB 6 hours. Besides this, my whole career depended on the results of 12th standard so;

I had to burn mid night oil to pass this class with flying colours. Honestly speaking, I was very stressed due to the pressure of exams but eventually I was on seventh heaven when the results came and I passed it with the first division. So, this was a period when I was very busy.

Describe a period when you were busy

Sample Answer 3

Well the time that I am gonna talk about is During my 12th-grade board exam preparation, which took place in the March of last year, I found myself immersed in a whirlwind of academic activities. This period, spanning several months, demanded intense dedication and strategic planning.

The sense of accomplishment after completing each chapter and the gradual improvement in my understanding of complex topics were gratifying. Moreover, collaborating with classmates not only enhanced my knowledge but also provided emotional support during the stressful period. The confluence of subjects, ranging from mathematics to literature, kept me on my toes. Balancing the diverse range of topics required meticulous time management and a disciplined approach to ensure that I covered all areas adequately.

The pressure was palpable, but it also fueled my determination to excel. I dedicated countless hours to reviewing textbooks, solving practice papers, and engaging in group study sessions with my classmates. The comprehensive syllabus and the significance of the board exams made every moment crucial, prompting me to prioritize my studies over other leisure activities.

All in all while it was undoubtedly a demanding phase, I appreciate the discipline it instilled in me and the valuable lessons on effective time management. The feeling of successfully navigating through the rigors of exam preparation left me with a sense of confidence and resilience that extended beyond academics. Despite the challenges, the experience was immensely rewarding.

Describe a period when you were busy

Follow up

Q1. Are you often busy?

Answer – Being a student, I mostly stay busy during the weekdays because I have a number of assignments and have to attend a number of sessions in order to compete in this competitive era, but on the weekends I am free and prefer to spend time with my family members.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages when people keep busy?

Answer – There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to staying busy. If I talk about the advantages, if people are busy, then it helps them to stay away from unnecessary items as well as help them to get success in their lives at an earlier age and don’t get a time to take stress or overthink. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, like it affects their relationship status as well as sometimes the health of the people.

Q3. Do you think children should learn through playing games or under pressure?

Answer – In my opinion, children should learn through playing games because they can learn through playing games in a better way, as while playing, they are more conscious and concentrated, focus on every tiny thing, and have a long-lasting impact.

Q4. What kind of pressure people may experience at work?

Answer – People experience various kinds of pressures at the workplace. First and foremost is competition, as every person works hard in order to get promoted. The second is workload, as they need to complete the assignment within the deadline. Apart from that, people also face peer pressure as people come from different backgrounds and hold various positions.

Q5. How does technology help with time management?

Answer – Technology helps with time management in a number of ways. The most prominent is that technology makes a person multitask as it can help them do work in an efficient way. Apart from that, there are several applications available in the current gadgets, like calendar, reminders, that help people complete their deadlines within a specified period of time.

Q6. Does technology distract people?

Answer – Yes, sometimes technology distracts people because, due to technology, there are ample social websites that are available on every platform that notify people about the funny videos. When people start watching these types of videos, they get addicted to them and spend a number of hours on them that are not useful for them.

Q7. Do you like the fast pace of modern life?

Answer – Yes, I really like the fast pace of modern life because it helps a person become successful at an earlier age as well as keep the people away from stress. Moreover, it teaches the value of hard work and time.

Q8. How do you feel when you are really busy?

Answer – To be honest, I am that type of person who believes in hard work, and I really feel amazing whenever I am busy because I don’t have time to think about anything. That keeps me stress-free, and it also provides me with an opportunity to do my work in a better way.

Q9. What is the best way to deal with stress?

Answer – As per my perception, staying busy is the best way to deal with stress. Furthermore, having a job with an interest is also a good way to deal with stress. Aside from that, there are a number of facilities available, like yoga, meditation, and recreational centers, to relieve stress.

Q10. What kind of lifestyle is suitable to people in modern society?

Answer – In this day and age, I think the modern lifestyle is best for people because these days people do not have enough time to spend with each other. If people were free, they would think more and suffer from various health issues, so it is better to stay busy by avoiding unnecessary things.

Q11. What relaxation techniques do you usually use?

Answer – I do a number of relaxation activities to feel relaxed. Sometimes 1 prefer to listen to soft music as it is relaxing therapy for me. Aside from that, in the morning, I prefer to do yoga as well as some exercise that helps me stay relaxed and focused. On the other hand, in the evening, i prefer to take part in outdoor activities.



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