Describe a time you successfully did something difficult IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time you successfully did something difficult IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time you successfully did something difficult IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time you successfully did something difficult IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a time you successfully did something difficult

You should say:

When it was

What you did

Where it happened

And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer

Well, doing difficult tasks is essential in everyone’s life in order to know about strengths and weaknesses. Although I have performed countless tasks throughout my life, some of them were easy as pie while others were hard as rock. But here I would like to talk about a particular challenging task that I completed successfully. It happened three years ago when I used to study in my senior secondary education.

The task was none other than public speaking. If I talk about the occasion, there was an annual function in my school, and my teacher gave my name for a speech on social issues without my consent, as I was good at my English accent. I completed it step by step. Firstly, I saw this topic on YouTube. After watching 10 to 15 videos, I found the content useful. Then I started practicing in front of a mirror and with a group of my family members to boost my confidence.


On the annual function day, during speech, my legs were shivering and my voice was cracking, but I gave my 100% and won the award. If I talk about the venue, it was held in the auditorium of my school. When it comes to the question of why it was difficult for me, there are mainly two reasons. The prominent one is that I failed to deliver a speech twice in the past.

And the other one is that I had only two days to prepare. I felt proud of myself after completing this task because I overcame my fear and made my teacher and parents proud of me as well as I won their faith. All in all, this was a daunting task that I accomplished proudly.

Describe a time you successfully did something difficult IELTS CUE CARD

Follow up

Question 1. What kind of jobs require people to be confident?

Answer – As per my perception, all types of jobs require people to be confident because if they are not confident, they are not able to do any type of work with great accuracy, and there are chances of more mistakes. There are some particular professions that require people to be more confident, like those people who are directly involved with the public, like the job of a salesperson, because they have to convince the customer about the product they are trying to sell.

Question 2. On what occasions should children be encouraged? How?

Answer – There are many situations when children should be encouraged first and foremost is that when children. hesitate about anything, people should encourage them, giving them support as well as explaining the benefits of confidence. Children also need encouragement whenever they get face failure, and at that time, you should be encouraged to never give up. Apart from that, if kids are showing interest in any particular activity as well as want to achieve something in their life by doing any type of work correctly, that time they should be encouraged to develop their interest more and more.

Question 3. How do you help children stay focused?

Answer – I help the children to stay focused in a number of ways. First and foremost, I would provide them with a silent environment where they can focus and be free of destruction. Apart from that, I can also teach a number of activities that help them stay focused, like meditation, yoga, and the benefits of taking a deep breath.

Question 4. What challenges do young people face today?

Answer – These days, people face a plethora of challenges. The prominent one is competition, as everyone is working hard to stay ahead, so there are fewer job opportunities. Secondly, it has become hard for youngsters to purchase the basics as the price of everything is increasing day by day. Apart from this, they have a shortage of time as they have more academic pressure, which is weakening their family relations and health as well.


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