Friends IELTS Speaking Part 1

Friends IELTS Speaking Part 1

Friends IELTS Speaking Part 1

Friends IELTS Speaking Part 1

Question 1. How important are friends to you? friends ielts speaking part

Answer – My friends are like my second family. Thus, They play a crucial role in my life. Honestly speaking In their absence I feel unhappy and lonely. My buddies have supported me through thick and thin.

Question 2. Do you often go out with friends?

Answer – I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. But I get this opportunity only on weekends as we all have hectic schedules.

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Question 3. What do you usually do with your friends?

Answer – Whenever I get to spend time with my friends, I engage in plenty of activities with them including playing sports, going shopping, gardening, catching a flick and visiting our favorite restaurant. So, we have a whale of a time when we get together.

Question 4. Do you have a friend you have known for a long time?

Answer – Yes there is a friend of mine, namely, Gurkirat, we have known each other for donkey’s years. We went to the same school and also he lives within the walking distance of my place.

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