IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: HEALTH

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: HEALTH

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: HEALTH

1. How do you keep yourself healthy? ielts speaking topic health

Answer 1 – There are various ways, I keep myself healthy. Firstly, I do cardio and weighted workouts 5 days a week. These workouts keep me active and healthy. Apart from this, I never do over eating and avoid sugary products, and fast food.

Answer 2 – As i am very conscientious about my health, I always eat a balance diet and do regular exercises. Moreover I try to get enough sleep everyday and avoid stress so that I can stay mentally and physically strong.

2. What are your favorite sports?

Answer 1 – When it’s comes to favorite sports, The list is long. I love numerous sports for example – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball and more. All these sports require great amount of physical endurance and mental strength as well.

Answer 2 – l am really into playing football, Badminton, cricket, cycling, running and swimming. These are my all-time favorite sports. Performing these sports offers me physical fitness as well as mental strength.

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3. Are there any health classes in your school?

Answer – Yes, it was mandatory to take a physical and health education course during my school days. Equal focus was given on both theoretical and practical knowledge.

4. What sports help people stay healthy?

Answer – Almost every sport offers health benefits. However some healthiest sports are swimming, basketball, volleyball, cycling, Tennis, gymnastics and a couple of more sports.

5. Is it easy for people to exercise in your country?

Answer – Ofcourse yes, because in this day and age almost each and every town, village, city has the facilities of park, gym, playground and stadium. Residents can visit these places regularly and can do exercises.

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