Describe a time when you insulted your teacher IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time when you insulted your teacher IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time when you insulted your teacher IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a time when you insulted your teacher IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a time when you insulted your teacher

describe time insulted teacher

You Should Say:

when it happened

where it happened

How you solved it

How you felt

Sample Answer 1

We all know that teachers play an imperative part in our lives, especially in our budding years. They teach us numerous valuable life lessons, make us believe in setting high goals in life, and prepare us to achieve them. Throughout my life, I have met various teachers, and I respect them all. However, on this given opportunity, I would like to talk about a time when I insulted my teacher.

Back in school days, when I was in 10th grade, there was a very experienced sports teacher named “Mr. Parminder Singh.” At that time, his age was around 48 years. We all used to be excited for our sports period, and more often than not, we used to play cricket, and it was an opportunity for us to showcase our athletic skills or athleticism. I vividly remember we were chasing 55 runs in a six-over match. I was batting well and hitting sixes at will ( means one can do it when he/she wants and as much as want )I was batting with my sir, Mr. Parminder Singh.

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describe time insulted teacher

In the last over, I got run out while taking a double (running two runs). I couldn’t digest that I had been run out and got very angry, and because of that, I started talking loudly to him. In front of our whole class, I said that because of your poor judgement, I got out and gave him a stare ( घूरना )After going home, I realised my mistake: I shouldn’t have talked to him like that, and it was my fault.

I wasn’t fit enough to run the double. I felt bad for my behaviour. To ask for his forgiveness, I decided to buy a sorry card. The next day at school, I went to my sir, gave him the sorry card, and apologised for my bad behaviour. He accepted my apology and asked me to never repeat this mistake. All in all this was time when i insulted my teacher.

describe time insulted teacher

Describe a time when you insulted your teacher

Sample Answer 2

Undoubtedly, teachers play a crucial role in everyone’s life. They enhance students’s lives and help them become impacted personalities. I was taught by numerous teachers in my life who were knowledgeable and benevolent as well. I had always the greatest admiration for them and still i am thankful to them for enlightening me. However here I’ll be sharing an incident when I insulted my teacher and later i was shocked at how I dared to misbehave with my teacher who was an extremely nice person.

As I have a memory like an elephant, I can recall everything easily. It happened when I was pursuing my secondary education. Our school organized an art and craft competition among students of 11th and 12th standard. A large number of students participated in the competition to showcase their talents. Since i was a whizz at painting, I expected to do exceptionally well and get first position in the competition. But when the result was announced, I got to know that I acquired second position.

I couldn’t accept it and started speaking harshly to my teacher. I said to him that you showed an obvious bias. Not merely that, but also I said that it’s happening because Tarun who got the first prize is teacher’s pet. My friends calmed me down. After some time I when I perceived the truth that Tarun’s work was really more commendable than mine. I realized my mistake. I thought that I shouldn’t have misbehaved with my teacher. He was not biased.

Honestly speaking I felt blue because of this. Thereafter I offered an earnest apology to my teacher. He forgave me in no time and had a conversation with me for a couple of minutes that was very useful for me. Explaining further After talking to my teacher I got relaxed and promised myself that I’ll never do this again in my life. What’s more I was pleased coz I learnt the value of apologizing for our mistakes.


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