Describe a resolution you made in the new year IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a resolution you made in the new year IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a resolution you made in the new year IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a resolution you made in the new year

You Should Say:

What is the resolution?

How will you complete it?

How do you feel about it?

Why you made this resolution?

Sample Answer 1


Well Making resolutions from time to time in our life and keeping them is highly beneficial for us. Talking about myself I make any resolution once in a blue moon.

Here I would like to talk about one resolution I have picked this year that is not to compare myself with others. And I have decided that I will not abandon it halfway. As for how I will complete it and get fruitful results in my life, firstly I need to do practice of being grateful for everything whatever I possess, I will make it my habit. Secondly I will start celebrating others’ accomplishments with them instead of envying their abilities and making myself feel inferior.

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Moreover I will begin to put my focus more on my strengths, talents and achievements than that of others. Not only this, I would repeatedly tell to myself that there is no comparison between sun and moon. each and every person is a wonderful creation of God and has own unique capabilities which needs to be recognized.

I am absolutely delighted about my commitment and hopefully I’ll get desired results soon. Once I have accomplished it I would be one of the strongest and happiest persons. There are some reasons why I have picked such resolution, first and foremost reason is that comparing myself to others makes me feel inadequate, not enough, sad, disappointed, frustrated which weakens me mentally.

what’s more I focus on others’ qualities all the time rather than focusing on myself, my strengths. This all vanishes my happiness and enjoyment. So before this habit spoils my future I need to work on it. And that’s when I can live a wonderful life


Finally I’d say as I have made the best resolution this year, by the end of this year I will change myself hugely.

Describe a resolution you made in the new year

Sample Answer 2

One resolution that I have made in this new year is to ‘forgive’, all the people with whom I am angry, upset or disappointed. There is a very special reason why I made this resolution. In the last year I experienced lots of anxiety to lose my near and dear ones in the pandemic.

There was a havoc in the world and everything was out of control. That is the time I realized that our love and affection with our people is all that we want. I decided to forgive everyone for their big and small mistakes that may have hurt me. Irrespective of their apology or not I just decided to amend and cherish the warmth of the relationship. After I decided to do this I felt a sense of contentment and ease within.

I felt very much relaxed and gradually all the bitterness within me started fading. I felt that I am now focusing on the good things and our relationship was even healthier. I will complete this resolution with planning and dedication. I have made a list of all the significant and insignificant people who have been the victim of my forgiveness.

Then I will write down what is it about them that irritates me. After this I will carefully note that good things about them. Thereafter, I will make a personal strategy for each person and try and work on that relationship. Whenever, I will be successful I will give myself a gift and whenever I am unsuccessful I will try to rework on my strategy and resolution. It is also essential to constantly keep reminding myself to forgive people because irritating episodes might keep occurring between dear ones. So, it will be a continuous exercise for me


I am sure that at the end of the year I will be happier and a different person because of this meaningful and useful resolution.

Describe a resolution you made in the new year

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