Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS CUE CARD

Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS CUE CARD


Describe a city that you think is very interesting

You Should Say:

Where it is

What it is famous for

How you know about this city

And explain why you think it’s very interesting

Sample Answer 1


Well i am really into traveling. I have visited numerous wonderful cities in my life.

But Here I am interested to talk about a well known city, Jaipur. This is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Also, it’s known as the pink city of India. Jaipur is renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful buildings, such as, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, city palace, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Albert Hall museum, Jantar Mantar and several others which are tourist attractions.

Secondly Jaipur is a major hub for arts and crafts, has many traditional shops selling antiques, jewelry, leather, handicrafts, gems, bangles, pottery, textiles or what not. I came to know about this city from my bosom friend, Actually once he visited Jaipur and he uploaded pictures on social media which were very appealing.

Describe a historical period you would like to know more about

My friend told me about the mesmerizing beauty of Jaipur. What’s more I googled and gathered a huge amount of knowledge about this city, I found it the most fascinating city. Upto now, I have visited Jaipur plenty of times. There are some reasons why I think it’s an extremely interesting city, First of all it’s an epitome of elegance and classical beauty. Moreover it’s a city of Maharajas if one spends some time here, can know about them and their lives, thus, can increase knowledge of history.

Additionally, doing shopping here is quite entertaining and amazing whenever I visit there I never forget to purchase loads of handmade items for myself and my family members. Finally I’d say everyone should visit this royal city of India in order to enjoy its beauty and learn about it.

Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2

Well, I’m a travel freak by nature so I’ve explored distinct places and here I’m going to talk about a fascinating city that is none other than Mussorie which is located in Uttrakhand, India. It is an eminent and one of the most visited hill stations of my country that is also known as the queen of hills.

This place is well known for its elite boarding schools and countless tourist spots such as company garden, kempty falls, wax museum as well as Tibetian temple which lure the millions of people not only from my country but also from other nations. I vividly remember I have heard about this city in my childhood when one of my uncles sent his son to study there.

However, since last year my inquisitiveness for this place has inclined because my bosom friend visited there and she shared the ravishing pictures of this aesthetic place. So to have ins and outs about it I surfed the internet from where I came to know that this intriguing city offers scenic views of Himalayas peaks.

Besides this many illustrious people have made Mussorie their home due to its serenity and picturesque views such as Ruskin Bond and Prem Nath. Additionally, cricketers Sachin Tendulkar and Mahindra Dhoni are frequent visitors to this hill station. I consider this city captivating because of its jaw-dropping tourist attractions, climatic conditions, gigantic trees, numerous waterfalls, and mountain range, which put a soothing impact on everyone’s eyes. Unfortunately, I’ve not got a chance to explore this city in the flesh but it has become one of my burning desires and in the future whenever I get the chance to visit there I will never miss the boat.

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