American Slang Words and Phrases Part 1

American Slang Words and Phrases Part 1

American Slang Words and Phrases Part 1

american slang words phrases

Learning a new language is exciting, but it can be intimidating, especially when it
comes to slang and idiomatic expressions. American English is known for its unique
slang, and mastering it can help you communicate more effectively and understand
American culture better.

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You are not alone. Most of us get bewildered when we hear American slang. But now, you don’t have to worry because in this blog we will learn 20 important American slang words and phrases related to money and business, greetings and small talk, relationships and dating, sports and fitness, entertainment and pop culture, food and drink, travel and transportation, expressions for emphasis, technology, and social media.

  1. Third wheel

A third wheel is someone who joins a couple on a date or outing, often making things

Example: “I felt like a third wheel on their romantic weekend getaway.”

  1. Hooch

“Hooch” is a slang expression used to refer to alcohol, especially of low quality or
illegally produced. It’s a more casual way to talk about alcohol and is commonly used
among friends.

Example: He brought some homemade hooch to the party, but we decided to stick
with beer.

  1. Jack

“Jack” is a slang expression used to refer to money. It’s a more casual way to talk about
money and is commonly used among friends.

Example: Do you have any jack on you? I forgot my wallet.

  1. You’re killing it!

You’re killing it!” is a slang expression used to compliment someone on their excellent
performance or achievements. It’s a casual way to show admiration and encourage

Example: Wow, you’re killing it with your new job! Congrats!

  1. Chow

“Chow” is a slang expression used to refer to food, especially when it’s considered
filling or satisfying. It’s a more casual way to talk about food and is commonly used in
military and working-class settings.

Example: I’m starving. Let’s grab some chow at that new restaurant.

  1. FOMO

FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out,” and refers to the anxiety one feels when they
think they might be missing out on a fun or exciting experience.

Example: “I didn’t want to stay in tonight, but I have major FOMO if I don’t go out with
my friends.”

  1. Meme

A meme is a humorous image, video, or text that is shared widely on social media.

Example: “Have you seen the latest meme about cats on Twitter? It’s hilarious!”

  1. Staycation

A staycation is a vacation spent at home, often involving activities in the local area.

Example: “We’re not going anywhere for vacation this year, just having a staycation.”

  1. Jet lag

Jet lag is the feeling of fatigue and disorientation experienced after traveling across
time zones.

Example: “I’m still suffering from jet lag after my trip to Europe last week.”

  1. Burnout

Burnout refers to the physical and mental exhaustion that can result from overtraining
or overworking.

Example: “I had to take a break from my training schedule to avoid burnout and


  1. Clickbait

Clickbait refers to online content that uses misleading or sensational headlines to
attract clicks and generate revenue.

Example: “I clicked on the article out of curiosity, but it turned out to be clickbait with no real substance.”

  1. Absolutely freaking not

This slang expression is used to express extreme disagreement or refusal.

For example, “Absolutely freaking not, I am not going to that party.”

  1. You can bet your bottom dollar

This expression is used to indicate that you are very confident in what you are saying
or promising, often with the implication that it involves money.

For example, “You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll finish this project on time.”

  1. Pump iron

To pump iron means to lift weights.

Example: “I go to the gym every morning to pump iron and stay in shape.”

  1. Checked bag

A checked bag is luggage that is checked in and stored in the plane’s cargo hold.

Example: “I had to pay extra for my second checked bag on my flight to Europe.”

  1. Friend zone

The friend zone is a situation in which one person has romantic feelings towards
another person, but the other person only sees them as a friend.

Example: “I’ve been trying to ask her out, but I think I’m stuck in the friend zone.”

  1. Guilty pleasure

A guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy but feel embarrassed about or guilty for liking.

Example: “I know it’s not cool, but watching reality TV is my guilty pleasure.”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me

This expression is used to express extreme disbelief or shock.

For example, “You’ve got to be kidding me, I can’t believe he actually said that!”


  1. Gym rat

A gym rat is a term used to describe someone who spends a lot of time at the gym
working out.

Example: “My roommate is a gym rat and goes to the gym every day after work.”

  1. Stan

To stan someone means to be a hardcore fan of them.

Example: “I’ve been stanning Taylor Swift since her first album.”

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