Travel (Space Travel) Ielts Speaking Part 1

Travel (Space Travel) Ielts Speaking Part 1

Ielts speaking part 1

Travel (Space Travel) Ielts Speaking Part 1

Question 1. Do you want to travel in outer space?

ANSWER – Definitely yes! If i ever get a chance i would love to travel in outer space because that would give me an opportunity to gain more knowledge regarding galaxy. And, that would be completely a new experience for me.

Question 2. What would you do if you had the opportunity?

ANSWER – Without any second thought, I would say yes to the opportunity and it would be like a dream come true moment for me. I fantasize a lot about outer space this is the reason why i love watching space fiction movies.

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travel space ielts speaking

Question 3. Do you think it’s necessary to see other planets?

ANSWER – Definitely yes, It’s important to see other planets to improve the erudition regarding space. And, it’s very fascinating to see other planets and gain knowledge.

Question 4. When was the last time you went travelling?

ANSWER – Being a hodophile person, I just simply love traveling. I frequently go on excursion trips. So, I often visit new places and spend gala time their. I vividly remember, last month i visited an eminent garden called Rock Garden.

Question 5. Do you like to travel by air?


ANSWER – Yes, It always feel great to travel my air. However, My favorite mood of transportation is my personal car. Because, I can travel at my on own pace and i don’t have to take any sort tension like being on time at the airport for check-in.

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