Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card

Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card

Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card


Describe something you received for free

You should say:

What it was?
Who you received it from?
Where you received it?
And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer

Well receiving something free of charge appeals to everyone a lot. Talking about myself if i have plenty of items which i have received from time to time without paying a penny. Herr, I would prefer to talk about a clutch purse which i got for free. I precisely remember it happened 5 months ago when i went to my cousin’s house in Delhi.

Where i went shopping with my cousin. We went to a huge an done of the renowned shopping malls. All the shop assistants at the mall were exceptionally nice persons. They were assisting the customers in a very good way i really liked. I purchased numerous items from the mall i spent a handsome amount of money. And when at the end it’s time to foot the bill, to my surprise, they offered me a gift. It was a lovely clutch purse.

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At that moment i couldn’t figure out that why they are giving me this wonderful gift. But later i got to know that there is a rule in this mall if any customer purchases goods for cash rupees more than 100000, he or she will receive a free gift. One another interesting thing was that one can exchange it, case he or she doesn’t like it. This thing impressed me a lot.

Although such techniques are adopted by the sellers to lure the customers, but it gives a feeling of pleasure to the customer. Honestly i felt overwhelmingly happy to receive a freebie. I carry this purse when i go out. It’s of good quality and it’s color is baby pink which is my favorite color. When i showed it to my friends they also adored it very much. Finally i’d say i am wholeheartedly thankful to the mall manager for this amazing free gift.

Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card

Follow up

1. Do you think people should pay for higher education? Why?

ANSWER – I certainly believe that learners should pay for higher education because it is not a cup of tea for the government to fund free higher education for everyone. Besides, paying it for ourselves means we do it only when we really want to. However, governments should provide scholarship and loans to destitute learners so that they don’t leave education because of money.

2. Is it good or bad for people to have a free education in the future?

ANSWER – According to my perspective, it will put both positive and negative impacts on masses. Firstly, on the brighter side, learners from low income families as well as affluent families will get the same opportunities without any barrier. On the darker side, it will definitely increase monetary burden on governing bodies because inflation on increasing rapidly. However, i reckon that primary education should be free for all as it is fundamental right of learners.

3. What gifts do companies usually give to their customers?

ANSWER – Well, there are plethora of gifts given by companies to their customers such as pens, calendar, cups, chocolate box, sound box and many more. Actually, it is their strategy to attract customers, increase profits and advertise themselves.

4. Why do customers like to receive gifts from companies?

ANSWER – In this materialistic era, masses feel fortunate enough after getting something free doesn’t matter whether it is big or small. Additionally, they feel like nothing is better deal than grabbing that opportunity. Otherwise, to purchase anything without offer, they think multiple times.

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