Describe an unusual holiday you had IELTS CUE CARD

Describe an unusual holiday you had IELTS CUE CARD

Describe an unusual holiday you had IELTS CUE CARD


Describe an unusual holiday you had

You Should Say:

What holiday it was?

Who you were with?

What you did?

And explain why it was unusual?

Sample Answer 1

Holidays play a crucial role in our lives, especially after a busy period. They help us unwind our minds and restore our energy, but a holiday experience that was unexpected for me occurred last year. Actually, last year, when I had just finished my senior secondary examination, after that high- pressure time, I decided to ease my mind by planning a holiday trip with my family to Dalhousie.

After all the preparations, we hit the road, and I was on cloud nine about exploring a new place. In the evening, we stopped at a restaurant to eat something, but none of us enjoyed the meal. Normally, I’m a real foodie, but I couldn’t even enjoy a bite. I think it was not fresh and seemed half-baked in a hurry. It spoiled our mood, but we tried to forget this unpleasant memory and reached a hotel.

To make matters worse, in the middle of the night, I felt under the weather due to which I was suggested rest by a medical professional. I told my parents and siblings to enjoy the time, but for 2 days, they had to take care of me. I felt like a kid in a candy store with no sweets.

Even after taking medicine, my health did not improve. Finally, my parents decided to return back home. This was the worst holiday for me as almost everything went unexpected, from that unpleasant meal to suffering from health issues. I felt down in the dumps until recovery. But at the same time, I realized the love and support of my family who sacrificed their enjoyment and always support in my thick and thin situations.

Describe an unusual holiday you had IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 2

Well, having holidays is really essential in human’s life in order to relax and refresh the mind. Although I have enjoyed a number of holidays throughout my life, such as national holidays, weekends and many more. But here I would like to talk about an unusual holiday that I had. It happened last year when I used to study in my senior secondary education and I had summer vacations.

I was sitting free at home and scrolling the social media. At that time, one video grabbed my attention. It was about organization of one day summer camp. I attended this camp with Aman, who is not only my bosom friend but also my neighbour. If I talk about the activities, I did many. Firstly in the morning time. we did a number of physical activities to warm up. After that, we visited an orphanage where we spend time with children and After that, we visited an orphanage where we spend time with children and get to know about the importance of family.

Then, we went to a water park and performed a number of activities like boating, river rafting and many more. Moreover, in the evening, we went to an environment park where we planted a number of trees as per the guidance of experts. On the other hand, in the evening, we enjoyed a born fire and played several games. When it comes to the question of why it was unusual, there are several reasons behind it. The prominent one is that it was my first camp that I attended.

The second one is that it was the first time when I was out without my parents. Moreover, on that day, I learnt a number of things in one day like proper way to plant trees, importance of yoga, helping others and many more. If I talk about how I felt about it, then I would say it was the best trip ever for me as well as it provided me a sense. All in all, this was an unusual holiday that I had.

Describe an unusual holiday you had IELTS CUE CARD

Sample Answer 3

Last year, I had the most unusual holiday with my family. We had planned a trip to a beautiful hill station in our country, and it turned out to be an unforgettable adventure full of surprises. Originally, we had booked a holiday package that included a train journey to the hill station. It was supposed to be a simple and cozy vacation.

My family, consisting of my parents and younger sister/brother, was looking forward to a peaceful train ride amidst scenic landscapes. To our surprise, the travel agent informed us that it was their golden jubilee year, and they had decided to celebrate by offering exciting surprises to travelers. Instead of the train journey, they arranged a flight for us. We were thrilled as it was our first time traveling by air. The surprises didn’t end there – we were booked into a luxurious 5-star accommodation, which was beyond our expectations.

Throughout the holiday, the surprises kept coming. We received unexpected gifts in our hotel room, and we were given free shopping coupons to explore local markets. The travel agent had organized special tours and events exclusively for their jubilee year, making our holiday extra special. The local cuisine, cultural shows, and scenic spots became more enjoyable with these unexpected perks.

The entire experience was unusual and extraordinary because it went far beyond what we had anticipated. The travel agent’s jubilee celebrations turned a simple hill station holiday into a lavish and memorable affair. We felt incredibly fortunate to be a part of their celebration, and it made our family holiday truly exceptional.

Follow up

Q1. Do you think people in your country have long enough holidays?

Answer – It varies from sector to sector. If I talk about the public sector, they have enough long holidays on various occasions, but in the case of the public sector, it is not rightly said because in the private sector, people work on deadlines rather than days.

Q2. Which holidays are important in your country?

Answer – Every type of holiday has its own importance. If I talk about the children, the summer holidays are the most important because they get a break of around one month from their hectic schedule. Apart from them, there are some national holidays like August 15 and January 26 that are also very important and celebrated in a great way. Moreover, there are some festival holidays that help people get together and celebrate the day with their near and dear ones.

Q3. Are there any popular places for holidays in your country?

Answer – In my nation, there are a number of popular places for holidays. If I talk about the local places, then there are several water parks and recreational centers where people can enjoy their holidays. Apart from that, there are specially designed holiday places like Goa, Mumbai, Shimla, Manali, where people can do a number of activities according to their interests.

Q4. What are the differences between old and young people when spending their holidays?

Answer – A number of differences can be seen between old and young people when spending their holidays. If I talk about the old people, they prefer to stay at their place and prefer to spend time with their loved ones and have some rest. On the other hand, youngsters are really adventurous and want to experience something new whenever they get a chance, so at that time, they prefer to plan a picnic and go to a remote location to experience something new.

Q5. Do you think having holidays help people learn about other countries’ cultures?

Answer – As per my perception, having holidays helps people learn about the culture of other countries because, during the holidays, people prefer to travel to different locations where people come from different locations, even from countries where they get engaged in conversation with foreigners. At that time, they come to know about the culture of other countries.

Q6. Why do some people dislike holidays?

Answer – It depends from person to person as some people are workaholics and have a stress of completing the deadlines that time they prefer to dislike holidays. Apart from that, some people are introverts and want to spend their time in a productive way they also dislike holidays.

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